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You Don’t Want To Miss These Badass Warhammer 40K “Space Marines” Makeovers Of Disney Princesses

You’ve probably seen many artists recreate Disney characters in nearly every way imaginable, but get ready for an exciting announcement: the Disney Princesses have just received their most badass reimagining already! Emre C Deniz, an Australian game developer, and artist takes the Disney Princesses to a whole new level of insanity as Warhammer 40k Space Marines, and they look freaking awesome!

When asked why he created the #FemaleSpaceMarines project, the Revelist explained that it was “to support people being harassed on social media [by] aggressive members of the Warhammer 40K community who felt that their ‘lore’ was threatened.” I’ve gotta say, that’s pretty cool and inspiring to the Warhammer 40k community. Oh, and of course, for the Disney fan community, too!

Keep scrolling to see our favorite princesses turn into badass warriors and don’t forget to tell us which one is your favorite in the comments!

#1 Snow White from Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

Source: Emre C. Deniz

Snow White looks perfect in the color of blood!

#2 Ariel from The Litlle Mermaid

Source: Emre C. Deniz

Stay tuned, Ursula, cause Ariel is on her way!

#3 Belle from Beauty And The Beast

Source: Emre C. Deniz

Who needs a Beast while Belle can be her own monster.

#4 Jasmine from Aladdin

Source: Emre C. Deniz

Undoubtedly, Jafar is not her opponent.

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