7 Small Details About Disney Princess That You May Choke Up Finding Them

Disney movies are always famous for their meticulous attention to details and careful investment in music. Along with epic adventures, funny and colorful scenes, Disney skillfully integrates small, saddest details that princesses have to go through. These become attractions of the movie, contributing to its success and making audience fall in love with the heroines.
Disney Princess movies have shown a lot of heartbreaking moments. Mulan, for instance, finds a children's toy amid the ruins of a charred hamlet just after she and her troops finish singing the uplifting "A Girl Worth Fighting For". It's like telling the characters and the audience that this isn't a game. It's war. And she finds "A girl worth fighting for" for herself.
Now, take a look at the list of 8 small and heartbreaking details in Disney Princess films. Which chokes you up while reading it? Let us know in the comment section below!

#1 In "Aladdin", Farouk cuts many hands in the wood of his stand

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Although Farouk sells fruits, there are many cuts in the wood of his stand. It proves that Jasmine isn't the first person to lose a hand.

#2 In "Frozen", Elsa is locked up by her parents

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Just in case Elsa couldn't control her powers, her parents built her a cell of big chains. This is such a heart-wrenching scene.

#3 Rapunzel reaches out desperately to save Mother Gothel--even after she hurts Eugene!

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Although Mother Gothel had harmed Eugene before, Princess Rapunzel still saved her. It shows how long-term emotional abuse can impact.

#4 Tiana’s dad received only the DSC

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As we know, the DSC is the US Army’s second-highest award for valor. However, Tiana's father absolutely deserves the Medal of Honor medal for his sacrifice.

#5 In "Mulan", Mulan finds 'A Girl Worth Fighting For,'for herself

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#6 Film background color change

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In 'The Hunchback Of Notre Dame', the background's change has special meaning. In Esmerelda's "death", the hues darken symbolizing sadness. When Judge Frollo opens the door and is about to stab Quasi, the colors turn red which means danger.

#7 Merida's family is split like The Old Kingdom's

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In "Brave", The Old Kingdom's brothers included an older brother and three identical brothers who were split. And Merida's family is split like them. Maybe the reason is that Merida has her triplets.
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