15 Details In Iconic Disney Movies That You May Have Missed!

Disney has always included fascinating hidden details in its films. This successfully pushes viewers to pay close attention to even the tiniest aspects in their flicks in order to locate those hidden features. Despite the fact that Disney does an excellent job of concealing them, fans all around the world can discover them.
Did you know everything about Disney's enthralling films? If yes, that's fantastic! But if you can't, take a look at this list. A group of fans discovered some little information about our favorite heroines in Disney films that we had missed the first time around! You can see more interesting information about your fierce, powerful, brilliant, and flawless characters.
Did you spot any other amazing details? What impresses you the most? Share them in the comments and tag your friends for them to discover.

#1 In "Aladdin", Jasmine keeps the flower Aladdin gives her for a long time. What a lovely girl!

Source: ClockworkEyelash

#2 In "Beauty and the Beast", Belle chooses two of the dresses the Wardrobe recommend her

Source: bojanglehorseman

#3 The way Mulan plays chess at the beginning of the film foreshadows how she will deal with the Hun army

Source: aTip4You

#4 In "Beauty and the Beast", Belle talks with the bookseller that Aladdin is her favorite book

Source: dontFart_InSpaceSuit

#5 Chosen by the sea, Moana was passed the necklace to by her grandmother

Source: mangatagloss

#6 At the end of the movie, Tiana's restaurant is renamed "Tiana's Palace" as she's now a princess.

Source: zheshishei

#7 When Ariel rescues Eric from drowning, her hair turns dark brown/black because of backlit

Source: owlingthrough2

#8 In Frozen, while Hans's breathing shows condensation, Elsa’s doesn't

Source: rachelmaryl

#9 When Cinderella steps into her Stepmother’s room, the shadows make it look like she is in a cage.

Source: grasshopper_jo

#10 In "Brave", the third arrow Merida shoots leaves a slight cut on her cheek

Source: maleep_skeep

#11 Moana picks up the same shell at the beginning and end of the movie.

Source: Flat-sphere

#12 In "Tangled", Rapunzel has a lot of free time, so she makes her own chess set

Source: Dmoney75

#13 Ariel is the only one among her sisters that wears her hair down

Source: an_ordinary_platypus

#14 Mulan (as woman) has long eyelashes but when she’s Ping, her long eyelashes disappear

Source: jradio610

#15 Rapunzel’s tears heal Eugene

Source: knitter_boi420

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