11 Different Flash In The History Of Cinema

The Flash is arguably among the most popular figures in the whole DC universe. Being among the oldest superheroes in existence. While Superman is probably the strongest, the Flash has the ability to travel at superhuman speeds. That implies he can run, perceive, and operate at the speed of light.
Over decades, there've been a number of different Flash actors. The “Scarlet Speedster” has several distinct appearances, from voice actor Jack Angel's legendary performance in Super Friends to Grant Gustin's talent portrayal in Arrow and, later, his own standalone series. Not to mention John Wesley Shipp's amazing performances in The Flash. Recently, Kyle Gallner portrayed the Flash in Smallville, while Ezra Miller portrayed Barry Allen in Superman vs. Batman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. We've created a list of the 11 greatest Flash stars of all time, let’s take a “quick” look.

#1 Jack Angel (1973)

#2 Rod Haase (1979)

#3 John Wesley Shipp (1990)

#4 Charlie Schlatter (1996)

#5 Kenny Johnston (1997)

#6 Kyle Gallner (2001)

#7 Michael Rosenbaum (2004)

#8 Alan Tudyk (2008)

#9 Grant Gustin (2013)

#10 Josh Keaton (2015)

#11 Ezra Miller (2017)

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