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How Do Zodiac Signs Treat Their Exes? These 15 Memes Will Answer It

Are you the person who can move on from a breakup quickly? Or the one needs to take a while to get over it? How do you treat your Ex based on your zodiac sign? Keep reading to explore yourself after a breakup.

Everyone indeed treats their exes differently. Someone chooses to forget, forgive, or even be friends with their exes. On the contrary, other signs consider the exes their enemy and always find a way to make their old lovers regret abandoning them. However, there are also some people who still miss and want to go back to their exes and wait for these guys to return to them.

Anyway, no matter what you do, you should choose the solutions which make you feel comfortable most. Don’t hurt yourself just because of your ex, guys. Are you curious about what astrology tells how you treat your ex? Scroll down!

#1 Thank you God for saving “me”…Haha

Source: saggittarius_bitches

#2 Uh huh!

Source: saggittarius_bitches

#3 LOL! Tag your friend!

Source: scorpio.sensitivity

#4 You’re only an old person, ex

Source: aquarius.sensitivity

#5 Because there’s no exes…Lmao!

Source: taurus.perfect

#6 Sorry for that “I” am so good

Source: taurusimply

#7 Well, it is true!

Source: all.virgo.facts

#8 “We” can be friends

Source: taurus.perfect

#9 Good luck!

Source: taurus.perfect

#10 Or “There’s some hoes in this house!”

Source: taurus.perfect

#11 They’re more beautiful and always fine

Source: gemini.sensitivity

#12 Happy for you! Jesus is the best

Source: gemini.sensitivity

#13 Oh…Here we go!

Source: gemini.sensitivity

#14 Don’t become the clown, girl

Source: saggittarius_bitches

#15 Be careful! Her ex, man

Source: ariesperfect

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