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Conversations Between God And Zodiac Signs, Explore It Now!

Why do people believe in God? For most people in the world, the answer is because God exists. God seems to be constant positive energy and power in life. Therefore, many people usually ask God to give them what they want. How about zodiac signs? They ask God for what and what happens between God and them? Read on to find the answer through conversations of zodiac signs with God that will be revealed below.

What do the zodiac signs pray to God? For sure their prayers will make you laugh out loud all day. If you’re a Taurus, you will usually ask God to give you money or food instead of boys and love. Unlike Taurus, Cancerians pray to God to let them know when they meet their love of life. And, Scorpios hope God to help them change, etc. To discover more about the stories between God and zodiac signs, let’s check these memes out. Here we go!

#1 Can’t agree more

Source: taurus.perfect

#2 Oh…A big heart

Source: taurus.perfect

#3 God: Oops… It’s hard for me

Source: taurus.perfect

#4 LOL! Poor Cancer

Source: cancerperfect

#5 “Good luck with that”

Source: scorpiosaga

#6 Haha…Happy birthday to you…”I’m” a God’s gift

Source: cancerperfect

#7 They just obey God…Lmao!

Source: gemini.tale

#8 Please, God

Source: pisces.meanings

#9 Hope God to save you, Scorpio’s enemy

Source: scorpio.sensitivity

#10 They still want to live

Source: libra.sensitivity

#11 “I” didn’t ask for that lord :((

Source: saggittarius_bitches

#12 Sorry for letting you so tired, “my” guardian

Source: saggittarius_bitches

#13 He does though

Source: saggittarius_bitches


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