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20 Disney Hardcore Fans Share Tiny Details About Disney Princesses That They Noticed

Disney’s enchantment reaches well beyond our favorite childhood movies and magical theme parks. Famous personalities have played a vital role in our lives, teaching us many valuable life lessons for which we will be eternally grateful. Most girls fantasize about becoming an enchanting princess who, after all of her trials and tribulations, will meet her prince and live happily ever after. And of course, most boys want to be a brave and strong prince who will save the princess from all of the world’s dangers and happily rule his kingdom with her by his side.

Even if you are deep into animated film heroines, there are still many facts about Disney princesses that you are likely unaware of. Some of these characters are based on folklore, fairy tales, or true events. The truth is frequently more intriguing, and perhaps darker than what we see on TV and big screens. Regardless of how much you know about this world, there are a lot of things you don’t have an idea of, for sure. So do Disney fans. Only a few eagle-eyed individuals can notice the tiniest nuances detailed below.

#1 What did you find out when looking at Merida’s hair?

#2 Did you ever believe that Cinderella wears earrings?

#3 You probably didn’t notice that Gothel kissed Rapunzel’s hair, not her forehead

#4 Oh, Doors in the tower is unlocked

#5 Look at the lady

#6 How does Elsa feel in this scene?

#7 Haha … Flower Vase

#8 Does Ariel’s Pink Dress belong to Eric’s morther?

#9 Did you try?

#10 Nobody is a pro from the start and neither is Merida

#11 Getting Rid Of The Grain

#12 It works when I am sad

#13 Either Way, It’s True

#14 They almost look the same

#15 Short hair or long hair?

#16 Elsa’s apparent change

#17 An intersting name

#18 A mother’s sensitivity that no one else can do

#19 A funny detail that you missed

#20 There is no romance, only sisterhood here

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