The reason why the rich make money "like a piece of cake", the poor, even though they work hard, are still penniless

We all must have wondered at one point, why the rich keep getting richer and richer, while the poor work so hard they still have no money in their pocket. The difference between the rich and the poor is really just mindset.
Surely we have all wondered, why do we work so hard, try so hard, and still remain poor? I don't know why the rich are getting richer and richer, making money is "as easy as a piece of cake". The two short stories about thinking "against the crowd" to get rich below will give us a satisfactory answer.

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The story of the free packet of peanuts

Harry is a poor boy who has to go to work early, his job is to sell food and drinks to spectators who come to the circus. However, the circus business was not good, the audience did not attend, so Harry's booth was forever empty.
One day, this boy had an idea and said to the owner of the circus: Give each ticket-holder a packet of peanuts, so that it can attract more people to the circus. At first, the boss firmly opposed the idea, saying it was an absurd way of doing things. No one bothered to come to the circus and now they have to give away freebies, that is such a loss.However, Harry still tried to convince the owner of the circus to follow this idea. He even used his meager salary to bet, and begged the boss to let him try. The two agreed that, if the idea made the circus lose money, the loss would be deducted from Harry's salary. Otherwise, the boss will have to divide the boy 50% of the money if there is a profit.

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The boy would stand in the crowd and say "Let's go to the circus! Buy tickets to get a free packet of peanuts! First come, first served!" to attract customers

From there, Harry was responsible for selling tickets to the circus. When there was a circus show coming up, he would stand in a crowded place and say, "Let's go to the circus! Buy tickets to get a free packet of peanuts! First come, first served!". Thanks to that, the audience actually came to see more.
Most of the audience felt thirsty after eating the peanuts, so Harry resumed selling drinks. Thanks to that, after each show, the revenue increased several times compared to the previous day. The owner of the circus was of course delighted, and did not hesitate to share the profits with the boy as promised.
In fact, when ordinary people want to get rich, they only focus on short-term benefits and ignore long-term ones. That's why no matter how hard we work, we still can't be as rich as we want to be. The circus owner is the same, he only thinks that giving free peanuts will make the circus lose money, but he does not think that because the audience will come in larger numbers thanks to the accompanying gift.
Harry was a different person, he soon saw the tastes of his customers. The peanuts he sold were not ordinary peanuts, but with a pinch of salt added. Thanks to that, the peanuts will be richer, but also make the audience easily thirsty. That is the principle of ignoring small profits to aim for big profits. Only by understanding how to "take losses" can we make more money.

The story of the farmer's water shop

In the 19th century, a gold rush occurred in California, USA, causing millions of people to flock here to dig for gold. One of those people is a 17-year-old farmer who also comes here for a chance to change her life. However, due to so many people coming to dig for gold, most of them returned empty-handed, and so did the farmer girl.

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The gold rush causing everyone to go mining for gold.

But one day, the young farmer suddenly gave up on gold mining and instead went to dig ditches. She found a source of water in a distant mountain, and dug a ditch to bring the water back to the pond. After that, she filled a small bucket with water, carried the bucket every day to town to sell water, and returned to collect water every day.
Many people saw the girl doing this and mocked her, saying that she was doing something useless. However, the girl still ignored it, working hard to get water to sell every day. A year later, most of the gold diggers returned empty-handed, and the other girl made a fortune selling water.
It can be seen that wise people will never just follow the trend, but they are ready to "go against the crowd". Instead of just following the path of others, earning leftover money, find your own path. For the rich, nothing is impossible to earn. Of course, in order to make a lot of money, we have to be consistent with our ideas and work hard.
If you want to become rich, learn to ignore small short-term benefits, head towards long-term benefits in the future. Besides, it must be understood that the way to make money is not a place where many people follow, but rather create their own path that no one has ever stepped on.
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