People Are Asking What TV Series Should've Ended Before It Got Bad, And Here Are 20 Of The Most Common Answers

Have you ever loved a series so bad but then after one or two seasons, it suddenly went crazily downhill and became a huge disappointment? Well, sadly, that's the common problem of many popular TV shows these days. They were outstanding at first. But the longer they last, the messier they get. Seriously, such shows should have just ended early when they were still cool and awesome instead of miserably dragging themselves over the finish line years afterward.
Today, a Redditor nicknamed chey2303 asked 34.1m members of the r/AskReddit community an interesting question of "what TV series should’ve ended before it got bad", and people have come up with truly remarkable responses we totally concur. In case you are curious too, here are 20 of the most upvoted answers that we couldn’t agree more with. Just scroll down, check them out yourself, and don’t forget to share your opinion with us!

#1. Heroes. Should have ended have after Season 1. Or they should have taken a break during the writer's strike. Heroes never recovered.

#2. Once Upon a Time. The first season is magical. I've re-watched the first season several times with my wife. Everything after just starts sucking more and more.

#3. That 70's Show… So good until the last season when the foreman left the show. I wish they just cut it the season before.

#4. X-Files without Mulder wasn't X-Files.

#5. Glee. Just end it with the kids graduating and we'd be proud.

#6. Designated Survivor had a really interesting premise, but that premise goes away after the first series and then it's just a mish-mash of bad political drama crossed with the dumbest FBI agent ever.

#7. The Walking Dead. I used to love that show, but it started to get ridiculous. I bailed after the Terminus plotline ended - I couldn't stand the flipflopping with Rick's character.

#8. The Flash. Great for a couple of seasons, even with the wonky CGI. Then it just went downhill faster than the... well you know.

#9. I have a feeling if You continues on for much longer it’s going to end up on the list…

#10. Pretty Little Liars. The show in general is bad but it kept getting progressively worse as the seasons went on. They literally forgot about having a plot

#11. No one is saying Grey's Anatomy, can't believe how downhill it went.

#12. Sliders. It's an old one but I loved it and the last season was a travesty.

#13. Weeds. It was a fun show, but the last season really didn't even need to happen...

#14. House of Cards should have ended after the second season.

#15. Northern Exposure. The episode where Joel finds the mastodon/wooly mammoth realizes he’s now a local is a decent ending compared to that final season.

#16. Game of Thrones. No show has ever disappointed me so much. Eight years and the winter didn’t even last one day.

#17. Dexter. Season 4 would have been the high note. John Lithgow was phenomenal.

#18. The 100. Should have ended when they left earth and started the voyage to a new planet. That would have been a perfect finale. Everything that followed was just unnecessary and dragged out.

#19. Riverdale. They should have stopped at the first season. It was really good until the second season continued.

#20. Surprised nobody has listed Prison Break yet. Season 1 was awesome and clever, Season 2 should've been the conclusion.

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