30+ Hilarious Star Wars Prequels Memes Only True Fans Can Get

If you are a big fan of the Star Wars franchise in general and Star Wars Prequels in particular, then this page is definitely a must-go! Created five years ago by Redditor TheDStudge, r/PrequelMemes is an amusing subreddit where about 2 million Star Wars enthusiasts gather up and share humorous memes that will give you peals of laughter daily.
As its name suggests, r/PrequelMemes is a gathering place for memes related to the Star Wars Prequels. In other words, it includes a variety of Star Wars-themed Movies taking place before A New Hope like Star Wars Episode I, II, II; Knights of the Old Republic; The Old Republic; Clone Wars; The Bad Batch; The Acolyte; and more.
Well, it does sound fun, isn’t it? Before visiting the community for plenty of hilarious Star Wars content, just take a look at the 34 remarkable ones we have collected for you right below!

#1. Hey Owen, just in case you sort by new...

Source: ejrea

#2. Dooku makes some good points.

Source: L-I-G-H-T-

#3. Shards of the Past?

Source: theguyindabackyard

#4. Every day General Grievous adds a unique lightsaber to his collection. Day 66(Finale): Every u/Raymesiris suggestion.

Source: Thibson34

#5. Adding a new lightsaber blade to Darth Maul everyday except I don't have patience to do it everyday so I just skip to Day 38 and never do it again.

Source: DarkStormPT

#6. Art by JB Casacop.

Source: 0_darth_plagueis_0

#7. I was just trying to do my duty.

Source: Thibson34

#8. George was planning this all along...

Source: SimpleDose

#9. We’ve come full circle.

Source: k1l2327

#10. Master race indeed.

Source: SexyGungan69

#11. Star Wars is for everyone.

Source: RealOzome

#12. My lord is that legal?

Source: lego_staryu_wars

#13. After playing 3700 hours of Battlefront 2.

Source: Hardmeat_McLargehuge

#14. Can I get an F in the chat?

Source: subanator117

#15. Twice the Prequel, double the memes.

Source: guraqt2t

#16. I am the high ground!

Source: rickocov

#17. Math is hard!

Source: Solid_Snark

#18. This isn't even a meme. It's just how it is.

Source: 2stupid4live

#19. Why George Lucas, why?

Source: cartarescu

#20. Hello there!

Source: Darth-Nuggets

#21. Yoda is the best fidget spinner.

Source: MisterBoom24

#22. If these three played sports.

Source: colimacFG

#23. Unfortunately, Lucas didn't have the budget for 200,000 clones, so he made 199,999 and hoped nobody would count.

Source: LutefiskSmoothie

#24. The voice actor for Obi-wan in The Clone Wars wants a part in the upcoming Kenobi series. R/prequelmemes, I think we all know what we need to do.

Source: coolcurtain4502

#25. It's over Anakin!

Source: MandalorianMemes

#26. Ima-Gun Di was an example of how Jedi should be.

Source: Marinauder

#27. "How many times do we have to teach you this LESSON, OLD MAN!?!?"

Source: Ani_117

#28. Republic credits are no good out here...

Source: Solid_Snark

#29. Something stood out to me in this scene.

Source: pinoyboyftw

#30. It's unfair!

Source: MattiaBxor

#31. Just watched rots again.

Source: cowinajar

#32. Biggest downgrade in history.

Source: baglees

#33. “You are on this initiative, but we do not grant you the rank of Avenger.”

Source: Due_Pie5896

#34. When you finally give in to temptation and use the BattleForTheNet autodialer website.

Source: wingspantt

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