The $64 billion lawsuit may unmask the identity of Bitcoin's creator.

Satoshi Nakamoto, said to be the father of Bitcoin, may appear in the lawsuit over the cache of 1 million Bitcoins.
According to the WSJ, David Kleiman's family in Florida is suing their former business partner Craig Wright, a 51-year-old Australian programmer living in London. Wright claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto - the creator of Bitcoin.
The Kleimans accuse Wright of controlling the cache of 1 million Bitcoins, or about $64 billion. The plaintiff side said it will present evidence that both have been involved in Bitcoin since its inception and work together.
"It's the story of two friends who have a partnership and how one of them tries to take everything after the other dies," said Tibor Nagy, a lawyer who followed the trial. David Kleiman passed away in 2013.

 Source: The Conversation

Craig Wright, who claimed to be the father of Bitcoin

Andrés Rivero, the defendant's lawyer, said: "We believe the court will find nothing to indicate that they had a partnership."

For crypto traders, the only convincing way to determine the identity of the creator of Bitcoin is the private key that controls the account that holds one million Bitcoins. Anyone claiming to be Nakamoto can prove it by moving even a fraction of the coin out there.
The identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is one of the most curious things regarding Bitcoin. On October 31, 2008, a person with the nickname Satoshi Nakamoto sent a 9-page list to people with the same goal of creating an unregulated digital currency, via the Metzdow crypto forum. A few months later, the Bitcoin network went live and Nakamoto raked in a million coins in the first year.
The Kleiman family claims Mr. Wright asked Mr. David Kleiman for help in drafting the nine-page dossier. “The two collaborated on the white list and launched Bitcoin together,” the Kleimans said.
In the early stages, not many people cared about Nakamoto's identity because the digital currency had no tangible value and had few supporters. Nakamoto has been actively developing it for about two years by constantly sending emails to software developers around the world.
In December 2010, Nakamoto suddenly disappeared. Information about the creator of Bitcoin has become one of the biggest mysteries of modern technology. Most of the names mentioned in the crypto community are associated with Satoshi Nakamoto.
By May 2016, Mr. Wright declared himself the founder of Bitcoin. He has met crypto pioneers face-to-face, given exclusive interviews on media channels, and written articles about Bitcoin. However, the cryptocurrency community does not acknowledge and to this day, the true identity of the creator of this digital currency remains controversial.
The technology world assesses that the Kleiman family's lawsuit can make the real father of Bitcoin appear. However, before that, the plaintiff must present authentic evidence related to the lawsuit.
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