What Makes You Cry According To Your Zodiac Signs, Showing In 16 Memes

When it comes to crying, not all tears are the same. Indeed, there are many reasons why we shed tears. When we're sad or painful, we cry. But, happiness also makes us shed tears. Crying is the way to process our emotions, and overwhelming feelings of sadness, sin, worry, or sympathy can certainly provoke tears. So, what usually makes you cry, according to your zodiac sign?
Aries, Pisces, Libra, Leo cry because their feelings are deeply hurt while the signs such as Taurus, Gemini, and Aquarius tear for hilarious reasons. Taurus cry for their different look, Geminis cry when someone dies in a movie, or Aquarius cry just because they don't know how to fall asleep in 7 minutes. It sounds so funny and a little weird, right?
Which zodiac sign are you? Why do you cry? In this post, we perfectly sum up 16 things that make you shed tears. They'll surely lead you to feel targeted and crack you up all day as well. Don't miss them!

#1 The energy change is EXTREMELY LOUD :l

Source: ariesperfect

#2 Haha...How they actually look?

Source: taurus.perfect

#3 Why is Cancer like that?

Source: cancerperfect

#4 "We" all have a sensitive layer inside us

Source: gemini.tale

#5 That hurts them so much :v

Source: leo.legacy

#6 OMG..."I'm" so scared

Source: virgoholics

#7 Still not ready yet

Source: libra.sensitivity

#8 That shit hurt...LOL!

Source: libra.sensitivity

#9 Why "I" have to do that with people I don't like?

Source: scorpiosaga

#10 Lmao! Scenario with a ghost guy then we fall in love and he disappeared and "I" cried

Source: scorpiosaga

#11 He's having a nice dream with a beautiful girl...Lmao!

Source: saggittarius_bitches

#12 They'll choose 1 or 2?

Source: piscesthingz

#13 Let’s see how sad they can really get

Source: piscesthingz

#14 All so true :v

Source: piscesthingz

#15 Maybe everyone’s wrong

Source: onlyforaquarius

#16 It takes "me" like...a whole night sometimes

Source: onlyforaquarius

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