12 Different Batmans In The History Of Cinema

It has been over 80 years since the first time our Caped Crusader – Batman appeared on the screen. Ever since then, he has been a source of inspiration for many heroes to be created. And among many extremely powerful superheroes as well as overpowered supervillains, the powerless Batman still holds an important position in the heart of fans around the world. Because what’s special about him is his origin, personality, and iconic ideology, they are very much down to earth but unique in the superheroes’ world. We can see ourselves through Batman, feel his wraith, his sense of justice, and the fears Batman holds within.
In the history of cinema, there have been 12 actors who take this important role in the history of cinema. Most of them have done brilliant works to show the true essence of Batman to the audience. Join us to see who they are below.

#1 Lewis G. Wilson (1943)

#2 Robert Lowery (1949)

#3 Adam West (1966)

#4 Olan Soule (1968)

#5 Michael Keaton (1989)

#6 Kevin Conroy (1992)

#7 Val Kilmer (1995)

#8 George Clooney (1997)

#9 Christian Bale (2005)

#10 Will Arnett (2013)

#11 Ben Affleck (2016)

#12 Robert Pattinson (2021)

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