Can You Guess Who Is The Fastest Among These 20 Speedsters From DC Universe

To the casual fans, we know there is Flash - who is the fastest among the heroes of the Justice League. In the movie Justice League Zack Snyder extended cut, Flash showed his extreme speed can even rewind timeline and save the day. But did you know Flash is not alone in terms of speed? In DC comics, there is no shortage of speedsters, this is the area in which DC has the upper hand against Marvel both in terms of quality and quantity.
The Flash family develops quickly which each member has a different personality but shares the same access to the SpeedForce. Of course, not only Flash family and allies, but some of his enemies also possess such power and they can definitely give him a run for his money. So below is the list of 20 Speedsters consisting of Flash friends, Flash family, Flash enemies, and Flash frenemies.

#1 Wally West

#2 Barry Allen

#3 Iris West II

#4 Black Racer

#5 Eobard Thawne

#6 Savitar

#7 Godspeed

#8 Bart Allen

#9 Wally West II

#10 Jay Garrick

#11 Jesse Quick

#12 Black Flash

#13 XS

#14 Dark Flash

#15 Johnny Quick

#16 Max Mercury

#17 John Fox

#18 Inertia

#19 Reverse-Flash (Daniel West)

#20 Trajectory

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