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Your Disney Villains Is Trying A New Stage Of Life: Parenthood

In Disney classics, the universe divides into two categories: heroes and evils. While we can readily envisage cartoon heroes becoming wonderful parents, it is more difficult to say that the villainous characters can give birth to and care for a baby.

When they’re not hatching nefarious schemes, what do the villains do? Don’t they have a life outside of their evilness? What if their personal lives aren’t all that dissimilar to the heroes’? Perhaps they have a happy personal life by finding someone wonderful to start a family. Their offsprings are a unique blend of villains. This is what our Deviantart artists envisioned when they shared a series of pictures with the most renowned Disney villains as a couple and as parents!

Consider Hans and Elsa as a couple or Maleficent proudly posing with her child… You can discover this in the following series of photos. Scroll down to see who your favorite family is. Do you know other lovely villain family photos? Share below in the comments.

#1 Lovely couple Hans and Elsa

Source: Thepinsta

#2 Their baby is so cute

Source: princessofcorona

#3 Scar looks so happy

Source: Jayie-The-Hufflepuff

#4 A Little Horned Bundle Of Joy

Source: precia-t

#5 Oh My Captain’s children. They are beautiful

Source: y-yuki

#6 2 fathers are also very happy

Source: cancersyndromedits

#7 Such a warm scene!

Source: serifeb

#8 I’m glad to see Cruella happy

Source: annettasassi

#9 A Spooky Good Looking Family

Source: doortotheotherworlds

Source: doortotheotherworlds

Source: doortotheotherworlds

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