How Zodiac Sign Are When They Have A Crush, Exploring In 15 Super Funny Memes

Do you know which feeling is better than love? That might be the butterfly feeling when you have a crush on someone. It's so exciting. It leads you to feel like flying, jumping, or dancing inside, etc., because your crush just smiles at you. According to astrology, each person has their signal when they’re crushing on someone. Here's how the zodiac signs act when they have a crush.
There is a reason why people behave in a certain way because of their personalities. Sagittarians do anything to get their crush's attention. Aries choose to act immediately while Scorpios are often cautious in love - they silently stalk and find out everything about their favorite person. And you? Have you known how you act when you have a crush, according to your sign? Read on to know about how zodiac signs react around their crush through these 15 memes. They surely crack you up all day. Let's get it on!

#1 Just got "my" brain back after having a crush

Source: virgoholics

#2 Everyone is replaceable :v

Source: virgoholics

#3 Haha...She's so cute

Source: onlyforaquarius

#4 All ready when they see their crush

Source: cancerperfect

#5 Is this true?

Source: pisces.sensitivity

#6 Shhh! Be quiet!

Source: scorpiosaga

#7 Kinda sorry for him...LOL!

Source: ariessociety

#8 Oh...Come on, baby

Source: piscesthingz

#9 Who's crushing on multiple people now?

Source: ariesperfect

#10 Lmao! Put "my" name as all the options so everyone got me

Source: libras.society

#11 So, crush! Never do that

Source: leo.legacy

#12 Why are you like that?

Source: sagittariusweet

#13 What I have to do now?

Source: gemini.tale

#14 A Sag is trying to flirt :D

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#15 Had a random crush in a while

Source: the_taurus_world

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