Big Fan Of Squid Game? These 11 Movies Will Be Just As Good To Enjoy

Squid Game was a big hit of Netflix of all time and a large part of it was because of the series genre. Thriller, fiction, and horror seem to be proper ingredients for a great brew that could attract the attention of even the most difficult audiences. Typically what makes it good are namely the unfamiliar scenario that triggers our imagination to go wild, tensions in every frame, jump scares, brain squeezes, and plot twists. What's more, Squid Game adds a little bit of gore and the death penalty thus pushing the scenario to even more extreme. And when the show officially aired, the internet exploded.
Millions of people watched it, love it, and want more of it. But season 2 is just not here yet, so the wait has to continue. Luckily, Squid Game is not the first of its kind, there are many Movies and TV shows of this genre that have been around for years. They are not exactly the same as Squid Game, but they have their essence. So if you are eager and amp up then we introduce 11 movies and TV shows that might be able to satisfy your need.

#1 Alice in borderland

An aimless gamer and his two friends find themselves in a parallel Tokyo, where they're forced to play in a series of cruel games in order to survive.

#2 Liar Game

Trusting, gullible Nao suddenly finds herself participating in the mysterious Liar Game, a game where the players are issued large sums of money which they then have to cheat each other out of. A few get rich, while the rest find themselves in debt for life.

#3 Would you rather

Desperate to help her ailing brother, a young woman unknowingly agrees to compete in a deadly game of "Would You Rather," hosted by a sadistic aristocrat.

#4 Kaiji

Kaiji, a young gambler who is constantly in debt, enters a deadly gambling competition in order to wipe away his loans.

#5 Escape Room

Six people from different life will take part in an escape game contest and win $ 10,000. Things change when they fall into a dire situation.

#6 Circle

Fifty strangers who have been captured and faced with an imminent execution have been forced to choose one of them to live.

#7 As the Gods Will

Shun Takahata is a regular high school student who leads a mundane existence until one day when he and his classmates are compelled to participate in a game of death. With no idea who is behind the games, his only choice is to keep winning in order to stay alive.

#8 Belko Experiment

When eighty Americans are confined in their company's main offices and an anonymous voice commands them to kill one another in order to stay alive, they become victims of a lethal experiment.

#9 Battle Royale

42 ninth-grade students are taken to an isolated island. They're given a map, some food, and a variety of weaponry. An explosive collar has been placed around their neck. The collar explodes if they disobey a rule. Their goal was to murder each other and be the last one standing. The island's final survivor is permitted to depart. If there is more than one survivor, the collars burst, killing all of them.

#10 3%

3 percent is a Brazilian sci-fi series set in a universe where everyone, after completing 20 years, can enter a selection procedure that will lead to a "New World" full of chances and promises of a happier future. Only 3% of individuals are authorized to work in this field, but hopefuls must endure a torturous process to get there.

#11 Nerve

Nerve is an online truth or dare activity in which a naïve high school girl participates. She is quickly persuaded towards completing life-threatening acts.
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