20 Weird And Hilarious Punishments That Will Lift Your Spirit

Funny punishment ideas. Parenting can be seen as the most difficult duty in life since the children can't abide doing "normal" things. It's like working as a 24/7 customer service staff. Therefore, to do such a sacred role that Jesus gave them, parents have to look for effective education methods: punishment. But "punishments" nowadays are not the same as in the past. Not cruel but be considered as tricks, soft but effective.
Besides, in parenting, there are many situations we create tricks ourselves when needing something fun for a boring life. So, the amusing tricks for the game losers are an interesting way. Have you been through any embarrassing tricks? Scroll down to enjoy 20 pics of hilarious ones we have collected. Don't forget to share with us by leaving a comment below.

#1. The punishment of wearing to school for a week for coming home past curfew by her father

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#2. As punishment for fighting

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#3. Funny Punishment Ideas Fantasy loser

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#4. Did the police car honk?

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#5. Tony Hawk's way to keep his kids out of trouble

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#6. Quality parenting

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#7. This is the punishment for fighting in the house

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#8. He made his daughter wear the "I am 10 years old" shirt after he caught her out with boys

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#9. Dad wears short shorts to teach daughter a lesson

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#10. The waving dad


#11. Kids old-man haircuts


#12. That's one way of keeping boys away from your daughter

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#13. The worst tattoo is given to a loser of a fantasy football league


#14. Costly bet


#15. The smelliest punishment ever


#16. Local girl's punishment is real sketchy


#17. Get along shirt

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#18. This is how the parents punish their daughter for pulling a D- in math

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#19. When you lost your phone at a bar and were given a replacement


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