20 Brilliant Shopping Bag Designs That Will Tickle Your Fancy

When you ask a bag for the products you bought, you've just become a walking advertisement. But the thing is you would never be aware of that. Therefore, if I am gonna be a free advertisement for any products I spend my money on, I would want my shopping bags to be dope and creative. Something that has to complement my style and personality, or at least something that catches the attention of passers-by.
Accordingly, making sure that customers' shopping experience to be memorable with packaging is absolutely crucial. "Thank you, come again" is already obsolete. So, today we have gathered 20 brilliant shopping bad designs that not only improve the customers' experiences but also make people who spot them on the street feel impressed as well. Now scroll down and have some fun!

#1. Such a smart cover for a real gun when traveling

Source: Duval Guillaume

#2. Let's become a photographer

Source: One Paradox

#3. Always remember to eat clean

Source: James Kuczynski & Dana Tiel

#4. A drill bag from Craftsman

Source: Ken Erke

#5. Good message but apparently not for animal lovers tho

Source: Ronald Ng

#6. Great idea for some bodybuilders who love to look like they are doing exercises all the time

Source: Gert Maehnicke

#7. Get the Hang of It

Source: DEDE DextrousDesign

#8. Nice, I like the hand as well

Source: Imtiyaz Khan

#9. Unplug to Save Bags

Source: TBWA, Philippines

#10. Comical and meaningful at the same time

Source: Panadol

#11. Strongest strand of hair ever

Source: Tony Sarmiento III & Peachy Pacquing

#12. Not a bad's handle idea for a bag

Source: The Barkitect

#13. Shop until you drop

Source: Antje Gerwien

#14. 18+ bag

Source: Chavdar Kenarov & Marsel Levi

#15. Very honest and straight to the point

Source: David Mously

#16. It's funny or bad, depends on how you see it, I guess

Source: Wien Nord, Vienna, Austria

#17. This bag makes a great statement. Can you tell what that is?

Source: Merlee Jayme & Eugene Demata

#18. Uhhh, apparently should not be recommended for airline carry-on

Source: Fred & Friends

#19. Skipping Bag

Source: TBWA, Istanbul

#20. Photon Life Slimming Experts Bag

Source: Farrah Bianca

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