Difference In 6 Disney Pictures That Challenge Even Eagle-Eyed Fans

When we were younger, one of our favorite pastimes was watching animated movies. We used to watch them every day after school, dress up as Disney characters for Halloween, and generally live our lives as if we were in Disney Movies.until we were old enough to understand better. That said, we presumably liked seeing Disney masterpieces several times, which explains why we recall so many particular details about each scene. Even so, there may be some details that have slipped our minds.
This quiz will not only test your Disney character knowledge but also your ability to identify even the tiniest nuances. Try to find the differences. If you can spot the differences in these Disney pictures, you totally deserve to be a pro.

#1 "Moana"

In the second photo, look at Moana'head garland, it has one less flower on her head. And do you notice that Sina has no earrings?

#2 "Monster's Inc"

The 2 photos have a lot of detail and can confuse you. But be patient and look at the 3 characters in the 2nd photo carefully, you will find out that the red light on the door is gone and the door in the upper right changed color.

#3 "Finding Nemo"

This is another difficult case that requires your concentration and meticulous observation. The two photos are only slightly different in the eye color of Dory and the baby turtle.

#4 "Beauty and the Beast"

In this case, it's pretty easy, right? Just a glance and you'll find out that in the second photo, Gaston has one less arrow and the chimney disappeared!

#5 Tangled

This is the best scene in the movie "Tangled". You can easily see the flower in Rapunzel's hair changed to purple. However, can you find out that the designs on the lantern are missing a circle?

#6 "Aladdin"

Here is a photo that is supposed to be no different. But no, they have 2 different points that Prince Ali's outfit changed color, and the left side of one of the banners is orange.
How many differences do you find out? Let us know in the comment below.
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