10 Disney Facts That May Get The Internet Stunned

For many people all over the world, growing up with Disney gave some of the most magical times of their lives. These animated films have never failed to appeal to both young and elderly viewers, thanks to their emotive stories, fascinating characters,  catchy and addictive soundtracks, and so on.
Can you confidently claim you know everything about Disney captivating movies as you've watched not several but hundreds of times? If yes, great! However, the Disney universe has always been so intriguing and full of surprises that there are always new and exciting Disney facts to learn. Even the most devoted Disney fans may be surprised by fresh information and facts about their favorite film and characters.
That's why Fairieslotsoffairies, an Imgur user, compiled a shortlist of never-before-seen Disney facts that will blow your mind, help you expand your Disney knowledge, and wow your friends. Now, let’s check them out!

#1 Do you know the fact of "true love's kiss"?

#2 Yeah, it's so crazy but maybe true

#3 It's a fact

#4 Let's try it

#5 Haha, it's so fun

#6 Do you notice that?

#7 Do you know about this?

#8 I didn't think about it when I watch "Beauty and the Beast"

#9 Yes, let's list all the queens of Disney. But our Queen Elsa isn't evil.

#10 But she may prefer dresses to paints

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