A Collection Of Simple Yet Funny One-Panel Comics That You Can't Stop Laughing

If you're interested in funny comics but bored and tired with the ones having too many details and words, one panel comics will definitely be what you are looking for. So we highly recommend you the single-panel genre whose simplicity might crack you up immediately.
The artist who is so famous for those hilarious one-panel illustrations is Doug, the creator of Potpourri Cartoons as well as Bartoons And Off The Wall comics. He is also known by the name Laughing Hippo Studio on Instagram. Besides the simple style of his work, this artist's fans are attracted by his special humor through clever innuendos, puns, and unexpected endings. Let's dive into the super hilarious comics below, and don't forget to always support our gifted artist!

#1 "There's something wrong with my phone. My son never calls me"

one panel comicsSource: laughinghippostudio

#2 "You told me to give you a hand! Do you know how hard I try to take it?"

famous single panel comicsSource: laughinghippostudio

#3 Invisible!

funny single-panel comicsSource: laughinghippostudio

#4 Do you mean Tik-Tok?

Do you mean Tik-TokSource: laughinghippostudio

#5 You don't need to put up with them!

single panel comic ideasSource: laughinghippostudio

#6 "I'm sitting. What else do you want me to do?"

spud comicsSource: laughinghippostudio

#7 "I found my true love. I truly love Myself"

one panel comicsSource: laughinghippostudio

#8 What do you really mean?

Source: laughinghippostudio

#9 "Oh my hair. I wish you could be here with me"

Source: laughinghippostudio

#10 "That's why I am here. I even didn't know that was illegal"

Source: laughinghippostudio

#11 Do you really mean "crack"?

Source: laughinghippostudio

#12 "They'll go soon. Prepare!"

Source: laughinghippostudio

#13 "We are both losers, dad"

Source: laughinghippostudio

#14 "How long is our relationship?"

Source: laughinghippostudio

#15 "Stop doing that here"

Source: laughinghippostudio

#16 "Am I flexible and adaptable?"

Source: laughinghippostudio

#17 "It's his instinct"

funny single-panel comicsSource: laughinghippostudio

#18 It isn't fun anymore!

Source: laughinghippostudio

#19 "What's wrong with my haircut, brother?"

one panel comicsSource: laughinghippostudio

#20 How is it impossible?

How is it impossible?Source: laughinghippostudio

#21 But it's really fit!

But it's really fit!Source: laughinghippostudio

#22 "How do I know I'm late?"

How do I know I'm late?Source: laughinghippostudio

#23 Can you relate?

Can you relate?Source: laughinghippostudio

#24 "Spitting wish"

Spitting wishSource: laughinghippostudio

#25 "How long will I have to stay here with you?"

How long will I have to stay here with youSource: laughinghippostudio

#26 More?

MoreSource: laughinghippostudio

#27 "M0m, I don't get it"

single panel cartoonistsSource: laughinghippostudio

#28 Fire someone? Is that legal? Anyways, thanks Dad, I hope this moment for a long time!

one panel comicsSource: laughinghippostudio

#29 Oops

one panel comicsSource: laughinghippostudio

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