28 Humorous Tweets From People Who Are Obsessed With Halloween

When I was a kid, the best thing about Halloween was the candy and trick or treat. I can't forget the happiness I felt inside after becoming the one who had the most candy in my group.
Now, I am an adult, I still remember the old feeling whenever I see my kids wear their costumes. However, the best thing about Halloween for me now is just the tweets and pictures people share on the Internet.
That is possibly the saddest thing I have ever written. Some even say it is the "scariest" Holliday, the one time of year that people actually happy to get scared. But despite your age, Halloween is still one of the most fun days in the year if you know how to enjoy it.
Here numerous pumpkin lovers united, over their shared obsession with Halloween. And their tweets will make you see the entertaining side of this scary day. Now, please sit back and enjoy!

#1. Still, a huge debate, who owns Halloween?

Source: Twitter

#2. Just one question, please!

Source: cordialwombat

#3. It can work for several Holidays, actually.

Source: jaywillis

#4. Is that a Pumpkin?

Source: EthanMAldridge

#5. Build-A-Nightmare.

Source: UnbeadableE

#6. Stay Ghoul.

Source: u/Scaulbylausis

#7. Lurking in the target holiday  aisle like...

Source: OrianaNichelle

#8. Another reason to love Halloween.

Source: JayBauman1

#9. Definitely a life goal!

Source: RyanAbe

#10. Interesting poseurs.

Source: JhonenV

#11. She was the happiest girl on that day!

Source: Mvrio96

#12. Love the idea. LOL

Source: DevonESawa

#13. Easiest costomes ever.

Source: LinzDeFranco

#14. Supportive skeletons.

Source: JhonenV

#15. New holiday anthem.

Source: pilotviruet

#16. Relatable.

Source: graveyardwitch_

#17. Well predicted.

Source: dorksofprey

#18. Very blessing, indeed.

Source: HorrorNightsORL

#19. That's just a friendly warning, alright?

Source: 777jorgeivan

#20. Whatever it is, make it sexy.

Source: SamGrittner

#21. Can't wait to have you here!

Source: ch000ch

#22. A fascinating imagination!Source: Hadzilla

#23.  Yeah, better be worth it!

Source: hodgesboi15

#24. Poor your partner!

Source: jackiecarbajal

#25. Hopefully, it is savable.

Source: SCbchbum

#26. Might already be an awesome idea.

Source: TheCatWhisprer

#27. Sometimes, we all have to hide our true selves.

Source: TheNardvark

#28. Tell me what else we're supposed to do.

Source: MichaelaOkla

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