20 Pics Of People Who Have An Immutable Mind In The Midst Of Life's Changes

There are lots of awkward moments happening in our lives. Every day at work and every night hanging out with friends, we try to avoid every faux pas. But we fail at times. Because we can't control everything. If you find that you are pranked by your friends with "Exorcist" Spider-Walk coming downstairs, how do you deal with this moment? Do you shout out loud and run immediately or stay calm and say "Hi" to the prankers? If you choose the latter, congratulation, you are one of the coolest people we list below.
Scroll down to see these hilarious pics that we've collected of people who have an immutable mind in the midst of life's changes. Especially, if you're sick of being the poor victim of someone and don't know how to act, take the pics as examples for yourself and stay cool next time. Don't forget to upvote the pics you like and share with us the awkward moments that made you almost cry.

#1 When everyone’s taking part in a “Nothing’s going on here...” challenge


#2 Just hanging on


#3 If you don't have a driver's license, just draw this


#4 Making an incredible impression by printing your own boarding pass at the airport, maybe you will have a free-trip travel

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#5 I’m not sure what religion she is, but lettuce pray for her

Source: eftygoleft999

#6 "Honey, we're out of toilet paper!" - "Just use the blinds"

Source: epicdad843

#7 How did he bump into Thor?


#8 You see? No one can laugh at me


#9 My high school gov teacher put himself on a cover of Forbes and read it on a plane while he sat in first class for the first time in his life

Source: toxicbob12

#10 When the ball is life but you still pick up when mom calls


#11 This guy decided he didn’t want to pay a fine, so he just changed the wheel

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#12 You think he is ignoring Arya Stark. Ohh no, he looks at her in the opposite mirror

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#13 The best pose ever


#14 When dogs are not allowed to walk in

Source: ilikemountaingoats

#15 When your life doesn't have enough salt, make more


#16 Don't worry, they won't laugh at you if they don't see you


#17 Just need a fresh smile in this case


#18 "They will be the same as me now when they get married"


#19 His thoughts are palpable

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#20 Act cool before these kids' reaction

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