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15 Weird K-Pop Outfits That Make People Laugh Uncontrollably

K-Pop is conquering the world nowadays. If you are a K-Pop fan as well as interested in fashion, I’m sure you will know G-Dragon – a king of K-Pop and fashion in Korea. If you update fashion news regularly, you will recognize him and see that all his outfits are one-of-a-kinds. Thanks to him, K-Pop fashion becomes more and more trendy not only in Korea but also in other countries. Besides, a lot of K-Pop celebrities nowadays follow in his footsteps, which makes the Hallyu wave sweep across the globe. It’s clear that almost all stars’ outfits were chosen by their professional stylists. Despite these outfits are working out well most of the time, they can also be ridiculous at times. These extraordinary outfits have made us question why they can wear like that.

We have collected 15 top weird outfits of K-Pop idols who maybe be your bias. Scroll down to see them and laugh out loud with us.

#1 When your longing is to be a prince, but you were born as a male

Source: kknews.cc

#2 Rooster

Source: sibalcodi

#3 That’s the reason why Gucci choose him

Source: OT9EXOL_ChenKai

#4 Changing gender without surgery

Source: kknews.cc

#5 Spiderman

Source: kpoplife.wordpress.com

#6 “Girls wearing black dress are all beautiful”

Source: 스브스케이팝 / SBS KPOP

#7 You want to be sexy but your clothes make you become weird

Source: ent.sbs.co.kr

#8 If you want the spotlight, do this

Source: allkpop.com

#9 Catamount outfits

Source: diodeo.jp

#10 Fashion designer Jeremy Scott wrote on his Twitter, “OH DARA I LOVE U!” because no one accepts to wear “stuffed animals pants”

Source: oh-dara.com

#11 I’m sexy and I know it

Source: alamy.com

#12 Alien is singing

Source: wanista.com

#13 Korean grandma-style

Source: m.mydaily.co.kr

#14 Boy’s Day’s sexy dresses

Source: forum.allkpop.com

#15 Sistar members were wearing the outfits and singing “Touch my body”

Source: KBS Kpop

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