23 Amusing Home Decoration That Will Make You Can't Help But Laugh

Have you been struggling with how to transform a blank space in your house into something more fascinating? Or are you looking to shake things up regarding your home decor? Even, perhaps fantasizing about how you would decorate your dream home?
Over the years, we have seen some outstanding interior design ideas, either by experts or DIY enthusiasts. Some of them made big impacts with only a few components, while some others went all out. Now, let's add a bit of fun to your decorating plan, we've got you covered with these humorous items to inject more "personality" into your space like no other. Keep scrolling to be inspired and ditch the conventional ways of ornamenting your home.

#1. Too playful dinner table

Source: inhabitat

#2. When every day is a party light

Source: ebay

#3. Wall mount monkey Lamp

Source: yilighting

#4. Mr.bright One on a Rope

Source: etsy

#5. Clown nose door handle

Source: twitter

#6. Have you been reading your books lately?

Source: Credit

#7. Melting Clock


#8. Hulk charger

Source: thingiverse

#9. None Direction

Source: MeatballPeanuts

#10. How can he shave?

Source: Beanboy100

#11. This Gnome Salt Shaker

Source: XenoticNarwhal

#12. He feeds on honey and your nightmare

Source: pheromonekvlt

#13. Charge bot.

Source: pintower

#14. Gold Ibis lamp

Source: lampsplus

#15. Such a warm welcome to the house

Source: Credit

#16. You must be obsessed with dogs to have this lamp in your house

Source: Credit

#17. No one would ever have to carry any back's problem with these chairs

Source: unknown

#18. This incredibly useful sign would really help to put your feelings into words on a daily basis

Source: Amazon

#19. A toilet paper holder is sure to give you a belly laugh every time you use the baaahthroom.

Source: Amazon

#20. That's a weird-looking dog pillow

Source: Urban Outfitters

#21. A snazzy curtain tieback that'll come in ~handy~ when you want to simultaneously spruce up your space and scare the sh*t out of your visitors

Source: Anthropologie

#22. A hand-painted decor box that'll compliment everybody who uses your bathroom

Source: Amazon

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