25 Illustrations That Show Deep Respect To The Late Gene Deitch, The Illustrator Of Tom & Jerry And Popeye

We all grew up watching Tom&Jerry or Popeye and it’s not an exaggeration to say that these cartoons have been one of the greatest parts of our childhood. However, do you guys know who’s the genius behind these beautiful cartoon shows? Most likely just a handful knew him – Eugene Merril Deitch, aka Gene Deitch, an American illustrator, film director, and comics artist.
But let us tell you the bad news that we lost this legend. After a lifetime of dedication to art, he passed away on April 16, 2020, at the age of 95. Since noticing his passing, artists all around the world paid Homepage to the legendary animator by sharing their touching artworks on the Internet. In addition, through them, the artists also want to thank him for creating their awesome childhood. Rest in peace Gene Deitch.
And let’s scroll down and take a look at the artworks below:

#1 "Thank you Gene for making my childhood awesome."

Source: ghean.thegate.5

#2 "A quick sketch in tribute to Gene Deitch, one of the animators and director of Tom and Jerry and Popeye, thank you for an awesome childhood, Rest In Peace."

Source: tomowjy

#3 "Thank you for creating a wonderful childhood for everyone. Gene Deitch"

Source: YonaJS

#4 Gone but not forgotten

Source: sharukh_sir

#5 Rest in peace

Source: vraioufakeofficiel

#6 "His illustrations were my childhood!"

Source: mohammed_turq

#7 It's truly heartbreaking...

Source: funalive.official

#8 Goodbye sweet angel

Source: cao.lyy

#9 "RIP Gene Deitch (1924 - 2020 )"

Source: harshal7878

#10 "Gene Deitch ?"

Source: micke.y

#11 "Today we celebrate the life of Gene Deitch, the director of classic cartoons like Tom & Jerry and Popeye who left behind a legacy that will continue to live on for years. Rest in peace!⁣"

Source: officialparleg

#12 "You would always be remembered through your cartoons.. "

Source: chetanadvirkar

#13 "This illustration is in honor of the great illustrator and animator #genedeitch who brought Tom, Jerry and Popeye to life."

Source: alextorres.xd

#14 "Thank you for making our childhood awesome"

Source: illustrator_ars

#15 Fly away from here sweet angel

Source: auri_art_draw

#16 We will never forget you

Source: smadav

#17 RIP Gene Deitch

Source: aamhi_pohekar

#18 "So sad, what now to do...?"

Source: afifpermana

#19 "Our last goodbye to great Gene Deitch. Rest in love"

Source: arts2lifee

#20 "Oh dear, what do we do now?"

Source: arts2lifee

#21 "Good-bye to Tom & Jerry and Popeye's brilliant illustrator. Goodbye, Gene Deitch."


#22 Gene Deitch (1924 - 2020) - I love his wings

Source: auri_art_draw

#23 May your beautiful soul RIP, GeneDeitch - the man who gave us a childhood we can call ourselves lucky for. Thank you for giving us millions of amazing childhood memories!

Source: itsanirudhabedarkar

#24 "Don't worry boys I will always be there with you"........R.I.P Gene Deitch. Thank you for making our childhood so special......

Source: uttiyartz

#25 Tribute to Gene Deitch - Director of Tom & Jerry and Popeye. Let the chase never ends

Source: ravi.imperfect

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