You'll Be Surprised To Know The Behind Stories Of 25 Works Of Art

Do you love Renaissance art? To me, classical paintings turn me off for some reason. Of course, for art, they are valuable treasures that can not be replaced. But I still find it quite hard to enjoy or admire these paintings because almost all artworks have only the same topics like portraits of pale and fat nobles dressed up, pastoral country landscapes, and religious symbolism. To popularize and to make them more accessible, we need a message now!
Easier than other ways to make these historical artifacts reachable to youngsters is making memes out of them. Not to make you disappoint, we have gathered 25 hilarious memes made from old paintings with easy-to-catch stories and cheeky modern twists. I'm sure that they can brighten up your mood after hard-working hours. Scroll down to check out the newest memes for yourself, and don't forget to upvote your most appreciated one.

#1 When you get so shit-faced at the party that the security guard gotta kick you out

Source: cubesnack

#2 Now I can't decide whether I love my dog more, or deliciously bitter chocolate

Source: MattColeO1

#3 Jesus Christ Supersoft


#4 This skeleton, who appears to represent all of us

Source: mattreyu

#5 “My name’s DENNIS!”

Source: killHACKS

#6 My patience has its limits

Source: killHACKS

#7 I just wanna go to sleep

Source: MyNameGifOreilly

#8 When you go too hard at the pregame


#9 When you ask her to calm down during an argument

Source: BlackMixen

#10 I’m like this on the weekends too

Source: Pirate_Redbeard

#11 This is me when working from home


#12 When she thinks I can read her mind

Source: killHACKS

#13 One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor

Source: 26326312

#14 It's in the genes


#15 Bro, always do a pre-flight check

Source: killHACKS

#16 Dating

Source: notteventlabs

#17 Parenting

Source: dulce_3t_decorum_3st

#18 How about NO

Source: MyNameGifOreilly

#19 And you hear "are you ok?" but you live alone

Source: killHACKS

#20 Wasted $300....

Source: nihonlights

#21 Thank you, Lord, for blessing my Mum with a limited technical understanding of computer folders and structures

Source: cereal_raypist

#22 Regretting that swipe

Source: SuccessfulJelly

#23 He's sad because no one can understand his beautiful music

Source: Tokyono

#24 When life gives you oranges, make orange juice

Source: Numerous-Lemon

#25 Anti-vaxxers are crazy

Source: Tokyono

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