Spooktober Is Already Here! Feel Halloween Vibe With These Hilarious Comics

It’s that spooky time of year. Our favorite holiday - Halloween is finally coming closer again! Don't you just love it when everything great in life all comes together on the same day? Horror movies, music, party with friends and relatives, your favorite costume, those irresistible delicious candy bars (hmmm!), your unique decorations for both indoor and outdoor, etc. Moreover, the Internet is once again filled will hilarious memes and comics that can make you laugh so hard you can barely breathe.
However, we all know that it can be difficult to get into Halloween spirit with constant lockdown and the current pandemic situation all over the world. But hey, don't be so grim about that, you can still enjoy the holiday at home safely. This is why we want to give you a little boost to get those Halloween vibes with a collection of Halloween puns, funny comics, and the best one-liners.

#1 Remember: no chocolate for dogs

Source: buttersafe

#2 Pulled a trick on ya

Source: Tony esp

#3 The Exorcist

Source: War and Peas

#4 Pay the bill first

Source: ToothyBj

#5 No more psychoanalysts

Source: ToothyBj

#6 And he's gone

Source: Tony esp

#7 *Sniff*

Source: theodd1sout

#8 I'm not coming

Source: hinsonmike

#9 Old enough

Source: maritsapatrinos

#10 For free booze

Source: adamtots

#11 Pumpkin lives matter

Source: theodd1sout

#12 Neat tricks

Source: War and Peas

#13 Damn that's red

Source: redpanels

#14 Never enough

Source: artbymoga

#15 Fashion before the weather

Source: adamtots

#16 Granola bars??

Source: unearthedcomics

#17 A furry??

Source: Willem.Hollants

#18 Very soon

Source: Sunny Street

#19 What went wrong?

Source: jagodibuja

#20 Millennials nightmare

Source: sarahandersencomics

#21 Death star again?

Source: thequarkside

#22 Stop it, Tom Hanks

Source: fatawesome

#23 That was close

Source: Loading Artist

#24 Get a tomb

Source: Scott Hilburn


Source: sarahandersencomics

#26 Party safely

Source: sarahandersencomics

#27 The chores

Source: metzgercartoons

#28 That's a banana

Source: Loading Artist

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