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This Artist Transforms Disney Princesses Into Futuristic Warriors And The Results Will Astound You

Princesses are one of Disney’s most beloved characters, so it is not surprising that Internet users constantly seek to adapt their classic stories to more modern contexts. Creative artists always find new themes to draw our favorite characters. Those themes can be art nouveau style, dark style, horror or even, many artists present in a sci-fi or futuristic style.

Artemii Myasnikov, a brilliant Russian artist, wanted to do something like that. She shared on Instagram a series of illustrations in which Disney Princesses are dressed up as fierce warriors. Unlike Mulan, who already did that in her movie, other Disney Princesses, such as Cinderella, Ariel, or Jasmine, were created in default girly outfits or royal gowns for the sake of their own stories.

In that sense, the illustrations are extremely striking, especially when they give swords and other weapons to the princesses. Let’s check out this fantastic series and don’t forget to tell us which princess impresses you most in the comments!

#1 Ariel from The Little Mermaid

Source: Artemii Myasnikov

Warrior Ariel and a giant crab? Ursula better hide carefully cause this angry princess has no mercy!

#2 Belle from Beauty And The Beast

Source: Artemii Myasnikov

Oh trust me, there’s nothing fiercer than a dangerous princess with a good sword, or a dangerous princess with an enormous Beast as a partner, or both!

#3 Cinderella from Cinderella

Source: Artemii Myasnikov

Glass shoes? Cinderella here certainly doesn’t need them because now she has solid armor from head to toe!

#4 Snow White from Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

Source: Artemii Myasnikov

The Snow White warrior and seven comrades are ready to take back the kingdom from the Evil Queen!

#5 Tiana from Princess And The Frog

Source: Artemii Myasnikov

Don’t let that pretty smile fool you because this Tiana can kill you in three seconds!

#6 Aurora from Sleeping Beauty

Source: Artemii Myasnikov

The duo of the dark fairy Maleficent and the warrior Aurora? They have the power to conquer the whole world!

#7 Rapunzel from Tangled

Source: Artemii Myasnikov

God, Rapunzel gives me that cold, lonely warrior vibe.

#8 Merida from Brave

Source: Artemii Myasnikov

Merida is already brazen, but with a full-armor-and-weapons version like this? I can’t even imagine what she can do!

#9 Jasmine from Aladdin

Source: Artemii Myasnikov

No need for Gennie when we have the warrior Jasmine! Jafar, have you ever thought about giving up your ambition and going back to your hometown? I’m pretty sure Jasmine is a hot-tempered and ruthless person.

#10 Pocahontas from Pocahontas

Source: Artemii Myasnikov

Are you kidding me? Pocahontas will rule all the tribes with her power!

#11 Mulan from Mulan

Source: Artemii Myasnikov

This drawing really gives me goosebumps! The original Mulan was a warrior too, but this version? She can conquer the whole world, not just China!