16 Terrifying Cosmic World Eater Arts That Will Give You Goosebumps

Ever since the dawn of mankind, we have always been looking at the night sky and wondering about our place in the universe. We thought the sky, stars, and the ground were built for us, we are the center. This way of thinking made the universe less scary, made us feel safe.
Over time, with science and technology, we know more about the planet we call home, about the stars and the sky. We learn that they are not here for us, they just exist, and we are just happening to be at the right place at the right time to witness their marvelous beauty. Although we understand more about the world around us, it doesn’t help us to feel safer. Instead, it puts even more questions into our minds, and some questions we will never be able to find the answer to.
The universe is just too big and mysterious for our brain to comprehend. We don’t know what is lurking out there in the deep space, does it contains great things for us to explore, or it is just full of cosmic nightmares with the size of a planet. These monsters (World Eater) are created solely by our imagination, they have enormous size, they feed or destroy planets and stars for their survival. The inhabitant of the planet is none of their concern. Once the feeding is done, they move on and repeat the process with another unlucky planet standing in its way. If you are having trouble comprehending the idea, then we have brought some concept arts from various artists to help you imagine it.

#1 Nebulous Nightmares

Source: Chromattix

#2 Space Monster

Source: fang xinyu

#3 Emrakul, the Promised End

Source: Jaime Jones

#4 The Old Ones

Source: VincentVanHoof

#5 Apocalpytic Emissary

Source: chasestone

#6 Galactus Arrives

Source: Stephen Zavala

#7 Fear of space

Source: Victor A. Minguez

#8 Dark Star Thresh

Source: Victor Maury

#9 Deep space

Source: Elena Samoylova

#10 Azathoth Rising

Source: Richard Luong

#11 Eat You

Source: Lukáš Chaloupka

#12 Worldeater

Source: AlexRuizArt

#13 False God

Source: Sarafinconcepts

#14 Cosmic Galactus

Source: George Munteanu

#15 Hellstar Remina

Source: Junji Ito

#16 Space Worm

Source: Aktheneroth

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