How The Zodiac Signs React to Flirting, Describing In 15 Hilarious Memes

In fact, no matter which zodiac sign you are, there’s no denying that you might get involved in relationships at some point in your life. However, we don't always want to be in several relationships that we don't like or not ready to involve. That's why you need to refuse flirting or invitations from others. For the zodiac signs, how do they react to flirting?
Most thoughts and actions seem to be influenced by the personalities, so each sign has its own responses to flirting depending on its traits. For example, owning to the kind and empathetic nature, Taurus won't bluntly refuse people but will think of ways to say NO without hurting them. Unlike Taurus, Sagittarians are blunter because of their fire sign traits. And other signs? Just check out the 15 hilarious memes listed out below.

#1 Don’t miss you whatever your name is

Source: ariesalwayss

#2 Just say "I don't know" or "I'll think about it"

Source: taurus.perfect

#3 Geminis are always loaded with badass responses

Source: gemini.tale

#4 So real they are...haha

Source: gemini.tale

#5 Do you? "I'm" ready to be your cousin

Source: cancerperfect

#6 Can't stop laughing at their lies

Source: leo.legacy

#7 An excellent answer!

Source: virgo.society

#8 Then suddenly ignore

Source: libra.sensitivity

#9 Thank you so much!

Source: scorpiosaga

#10 Do you think carefully?

Source: saggittarius_bitches

#11 No...I don't need to do anything for fun because I'm fun inside

Source: capricorn_secrets

#12 Can't believe it

Source: aquarius.sensitivity

#13 Yeah, right...not their problem

Source: pisces.sensitivity

#14 "I' have multiple personalities...You like which one?

Source: pisces.sensitivity

#15 At all period...LOL!

Source: pisces.sensitivity

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