Guide To Have A Wonderful Disney World Experience

It's difficult not to rank Walt Disney World as the world's best amusement park out there! This amazing place will make your fantasies come true, but only if you prepare ahead. It is impossible to know all of the nooks and crannies in such a big spot even after you have already visited it several times. If you don't do any preliminary study, your vacation will most certainly be less pleasurable. So keep reading to find out more about what you should probably do at Disney World!

#1 Get the fast pass to character meets

With Disney's FASTPASS services, you can reserve a spot in line for many rides and attractions around any Disney park, which means you are capable of running around the park and returning to the attraction when it's your turn to ride instead of blistering in the sun while people pass you by looking like they're on their way to fun somewhere else. It sounds great, right?

#2 Take the unlimited rides on the Magic Kingdom Railroad

As you enter the Magic Kingdom, you'll notice the Magic Kingdom Railroad. Before the train moves out down the rails, you'll hear "all aboard" at this picturesque halt. Take a well-earned vacation without missing a single minute of Disney enchantment. This is also an excellent location to relax or pleasantly amuse a smaller child while the older kids ride on the equipment that isn't very kid-friendly.

#3 Enjoy the Turtle Talk with your partner

This is a Disney California Adventure Park attraction situated in Hollywood Land. Step into the Aquatorium, take a seat in front of the enormous window, and meet your beloved Turtle behind the glass, who always moves with the flow. Children can ask him about his friends, favorite foods, and other topics. Favorite movie characters like Dory, Nemo, Marlin, Hank the octopus-turned-septopus, and even Crush's own young man, Squirt, will be on hand to share their newest exploits.

#4 Solidify some later dinner reservations

Most restaurants at Disney World seat people for dinner from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., so make your appointment a bit later and spend more time enjoying the park and working up an appetite. By thinking beyond the boundaries of traditional meal times, you may be ready and eager to consume an amazing dinner at just the appropriate moment. It's also an excellent reason to go to the park for an additional couple of hours and eat supper a little later.

#5 Dining at a dessert party

Here's a great idea: instead of making a dinner reservation, have a dessert party. The Magic Kingdom's dessert festival includes a scrumptious endless buffet of dessert, fruit, and chocolate goodies, as well as an absolutely outstanding view of the fireworks from Tomorrowland (which is a must-see in and of itself).

#6 Stuck on food? Order Dining Packages

If you want "preferred seating" at some super stellar shows, an Entertainment and supper package is the best way to go! Show packages vary every park and are available at different times, so be sure to check out what's on during your stay.

#7 The Playground near Splash Mountain

This is a modest play area for toddlers. It's not only wonderfully fun for your kids, but it's also a terrific site in the perfect position to keep the smaller ones entertained while larger kids and adults enjoy the world-famous Splash Mountain. This entertaining play area has a little playhouse for youngsters to play on, as well as lots of cool shaded parent seats.

#8 Watch parades at Frontierland

Instead of being jammed in with everyone else attempting to watch the finest of the parades, the streets of Frontierland provide a generally less congested and more leisurely viewing experience.

#9 Shop after the park closes

The park's official closing timings do not always imply that the stores are closed! This means that tourists who have been waiting in line for several hours can still experience the attraction before having to leave the park. As a result, reserving your must-have list for the last visit before leaving the park is almost ideal. Enjoy the park to the fullest and pick up your must-haves on your way out.

#10 Playing in ride queues

While you wait for the big guns to arrive, spend the time and have fun with your family by playing games and alternatives like talking to Scuttle in line for The Little Mermaid, sorting "potatoes" in a popping machine in Rabbit's garden in the ride line for Pooh, exploring the Darling's nursery, and so on.

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