20 Most Popular Creations From The Famous Inktober Challenge 2021 That You Would Not Want To Miss

It’s that wonderful time of the year for art lovers across the globe - Inktober is finally here. For those who don’t know, Inktober is a drawing challenge where you have to create an ink drawing every day throughout October & share it on social platforms.
Jake Parker, artist and founder of Inktober challenge, wanted to improve his ink skills and develop good drawing habits. So, he came up with the idea of doing 1 ink drawing per day for the entire month of October, he then posted them on Instagram. The habit has been warmly welcomed by the art community. Therefore, since 2009, Jake Parker has been promoting it into a yearly challenge. Inktober has since grown into a worldwide endeavor with thousands of artists taking on the challenge every year.
The rules are simple:
1) Make a drawing in ink following that year’s prompt lists.
2) Post-it
3) Hashtag it with #inktober and #inktober2021
4) Repeat
Without further ado, we have prepared for you to enjoy some of the most popular masterpieces across the internet.

#1 Crystal

Source: Taly Reznik

#2 Suit

Source: _megha_bhatt_

#3 Vessel

Source: winona_adamon

#4 Knot

Source: Jose Aburto

#5 Raven

Source: devilartistt

#6 Spirit

Source: little_living_meraki

#7 Fan

Source: jerry80s

#8 Watch

Source: art__addiction___

#9 Pressure

Source: mikemaihack

#10 Pick

Source: aidanfloydillustrator

#11 Sour

Source: Maricar Quiam

#12 Stuck

Source: Jasmine Metwally

#13 Roof

Source: keever

#14 Tick

Source: 0.hiraeth.0

#15 Helmet

Source: djinnocide

#16 Compass

Source: Alexandr Pechenkin

#17 Collide

Source: Lisa Mitrokhin

#18 Moon


#19 Loop

Source: Lisa Mitrokhin

#20 Sprout

Source: anastasiamas

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