Laugh Your Head Off With These 20 Hilarious Disney Comics

Any cinephile knows that watching the film only will never be enough, we also need tons of fan fiction, fan art and fan comics to quench our thirst as well! Just like other popular franchises, Disney Movies have always been an endless source of inspiration for many enthusiastic Disneyphiles around the world to come up with genius fanworks, and sometimes their creativities are just so wild they totally blow our minds.
In this post, we have rounded up 20 excellent Disney-themed comics that are so funny they will crack you up within a few seconds! Some of them are really delightful and lively, but some are a little bit twisted and dark they could even ruin your childhood memories forever. Sounds exciting, right? Of course you should never miss this if you are a hardcore Disney fan, but in case you are not, you definitely should keep scrolling because they will give you good laugh too.

#1. "It's not slime. It's mucus."

Source: Adam Ellis

#2. Mamma knows best.

Source: Amy Kim

#3. Aurora as a mom.

Source: Paul Westover

#4. And they are just the perfect height too.

Source: accordingtodevin

#5. Belle as a food critic.

Source: This Jen Lewis

#6. Any HIMYM fan can relate.

Source: Power Of Power

#7. Oh no!

Source: berkeleymews

#8. Blind dates be like...

Source: JHallComics

#9. Bye Alias!

Source: Paul Westover

#10. What she should have done.

Source: John McNamee

#11. Actually, she is 16 and could have legally voided the contract.

Source: Adam Ellis

#12. Poor Prince Phillip...

Source: Kevin McShane

#13. Just ten more minutes sleep please...

Source: John Martinez

#14. Hopefully that means she wakes up before they bury her...

Source: Extra Fabulous Comics

#15. "Thanks!"

Source: berkeleymews

#16. Thank you a lot, Belle. Thank you.

Source: Gone into Rapture

#17. Now we know.

Source: Hamlet's Danish

#18. Hunger game 2.0!

Source: Adam Ellis

#19. If the slipper is a perfect fit, how could it fall off?

Source: thesquarecomics

#20. Uh-oh...

Source: poorlydrawnlines

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