15 Disney And Pixar Easter Eggs That Surely Blow Your Mind Up

Disney and Pixar are universally famous for Easter Eggs in their works which were spanned nearly four decades. They are both detail-oriented companies as they have always paid a lot of attention to the tiniest features.
It is usual for the audience to be startled whenever they watch a movie made by Disney or Pixar. It's because the animators expected fans to highly notice and be delighted by them right away. Viewers always get surprised by Easter eggs in many familiar animated movies like “Toy Story”, “Monster Inc.,” “Up”, “Hercules” or “Coco”. How many of these Disney and Pixar Easter Eggs did you spot? Trust us, you will be astonished because we'll show you hidden points which are hard to find. Test yourself to see if you’re a hardcore, eagle-eyed Disney fan.


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In every Pixar movie, the pizza delivery car appears frequently. We can see it in “Cars”, “Inside out”, “Toy Story” and even “Ratatouille”, which raised a funny question “Did this car actually travel from America to France?”. This feature has really created connections throughout Pixar movies regardless of coincidence or conscious intention.


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Did you notice there was a messy bulletin board in Andy's room where one of the sticky notes was a postcard from Carl and Ellie – the sweet couple from “Up”? Are they Andy’s grandparents? No matter what the answer is, the note clearly means something to the boy as it's still hanging there, on the board.


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The pink strawberry-scented Lotso Bear which is the main antagonist of “Toy Story 3” made a cameo appearance in “Up”. He was spotted next to Dee’s bed when Carl’s house flies past her window outside.


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In the village of “Coco”, the locals hung Woody and Buzz Lightyear as decorations for the El Día De Los Muertos holiday.


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In “The hunchback of Notre Dame”, when Quasimodo saved Esméralda, there was a gargoyle that looked so like Pumbaa from “The Lion King”.


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When Quasimodo was singing "Out There" the movie cut to an overview scene of Paris and zoomed in on a street. In this shot, Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” was seen walking and reading her book.


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In the Sultan’s palace in “Aladdin”, the Beast from Beauty and the Beast was seen as one of the figurines.


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Have you ever spotted this Easter Egg in Disney’s Moana? After Maui and Moana moved apart from Te Fiti, a scene of dead flowers took place. Yes, it is the Magical Golden Flower from Tangled bloom.


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Surprisingly, in “Hercules”, the rug that Hercules threw over himself was Scar from The Lion King.


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During the scene in The Snuggly Duckling, an old man dressed like Cupid was pushed off around the bar and when the camera followed him, we could see Pinocchio sitting in the rafters of the bar.


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In “101 Dalmatians”, when the dogs across London sounded the “Twilight Bark”, several characters from Lady and the Tramp were there to help to spread the message.


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While the animals screwed Jane and her father’s camp up, Mrs. Potts, Chip, and the rest of the tea set from “Beauty and the Beast” could be seen as Terk was playing them with spoons.


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In “Monster Inc.”, the clownfish Nemo from “Finding Nemo” seemed to be one of the favorite toys of Boo.
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