20 Lovely Disney Cake Ideas To Turn Your Big Day Into A Fairy Tale

Every bride wants to make their wedding ceremony as beautiful and memorable as possible, and choosing the right theme is of course one of the most important aspects to carefully consider to make that wish come true. There are many remarkable options that you and your Mr. Right can try, for example some style you both love or some famous game you both enjoy. However, if you are interested in something fairy and magical, Disney-inspired decoration for a happy ever after is surely a must-try.
To spice up your Disney game, in addition to a gorgeous ball gown, crystal chandeliers and large floral arrangements, you will also need a truly special cake to perfect your big day. If you are still unsure which movie exactly would suit your plan the most, we have 20 extraordinary Disney-themed cakes right here to solve your problems! Brides-to-be, are you ready?

#1. This fabulous "Frozen" cake will surely capture everyone's attention in the blink of an eye!

Source: nienkescakery

#2. Do you want to be woken up by birds too?

Source: ruffledblog

#3. A fairy wedding cake for the princess and the prince.

Source: zoesmithbluebirdcakes

#4. The cake of our dreams…

Source: fairytaleweddingsguide

#5. "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair, so that I may climb thy golden stair."

Source: sassymouth

#6. The Mickey Mouse cake we all love to try. So elegant and exquisite.

Source: cakeable_vanessa

#7. A pretty "Beauty and the Beast" cake with the iconic red rose.

Source: erinbakes

#8. "So this is love."

Source: disneyweddings

#9. A mermaid cake for your Little Mermaid wedding!

Source: tracihines

#10. Disney castle always works like magic.

Source: emmascakess

#11. Cake inspired by "It's a Small World".

Source: heythere-cupcake

#12. A cake with subtle touches of Disney on an elegant front and full-blown "Tangled" on the back.

Source: jappacakes

#13. Look at that glass slipper!

Source: buckobakery

#14. These balancing teacups are so adorable.

Source: helenasowe_

#15. This castle is on cloud nine for sure.

Source: shaunteocreations

#16. A macaron-covered Red Velvet cake with The Grey Stuff filling and Lemon with Raspberry Jam.

Source: disneywedcast

#17. Such a stunning "Maleficent" cake!

Source: greenweddingshoes

#18. Another cake with teacups on top, but the flowers make it softer and sweeter somehow.

Source: weddingchicks

#19. The fascinating "Alice in Wonderland" cake.

Source: littlecherrycakecompany

#20. This is definitely what would Snow White look like if she was a cake!

Source: NatalieOronaPhotography

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