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Disney Princesses Turn Into Mind-Blowing Beautiful Sailor Scouts In This Brilliant Mashup

Are you a Disney fan? Are you an anime fan? Well, if the answer is yes, this series of artwork definitely is for you. Here, artist Jacquelynn Harris has decided to carry out a unique project that will surely amaze you – a brilliant mashup of Disney princesses and Sailor Scouts. In her illustrations, classic Disney beauties change the original splendid long gowns to beautiful Sailor Moon uniforms.

Honestly, this combination goes beyond my expectation. I think there is some way that our beloved princesses can cast an anime film, really.

Okay, are you ready? Let’s jump right into this collection together!

#1 Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

Source: jaqirabbit

Princess Aurora plays Sailor Venus, which is reasonable as Venus is the Patronus of love and beauty. Hence, no one can fit this role more than Sleeping Beauty herself.

#2 Belle (Beauty and the Beast)

Source: jaqirabbit

In this illustration, Belle wears a Sailor Jupiter-inspired uniform. Belle loves roses, and Jupiter enjoys gardening, so I assume that Belle is the girl who can be a Soldier of Nature.

#3 Jasmine (Aladdin)

Source: jaqirabbit

Jasmine is the Sailor Mars now. No one can play The Soldier of Fire and Passion, except for the princess of Agrabah, because she can risk anything for her avid.

#4 Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

Source: jaqirabbit

The Mermaid Ariel is the perfect match for Sailor Mercury, who represents inquisitiveness. But she is the practical one of the Sailor group, so you need to daydream less, Ariel!

#5 Pocahontas (Pocahontas)

Source: jaqirabbit

Although Pocahontas is gentle, kind, and friendly, she carries a deep sense of loneliness as no one can understand her. And that is also similar to Sailor Pluto.

#6 Mulan (Mulan)

Source: jaqirabbit

Mulan seems to fit the Sailor Saturn really well. As she is pensive, she can perform a Soldier of Death and Rebirth.

#7 Rapunzel (Tangled)

Source: jaqirabbit

Because both the two girls can use her power to protect those she cares about, so Rapunzel will be a great Sailor Moon.

#8 Elsa (Frozen)

Source: jaqirabbit

Elsa is gorgeous in playing the Sailor Uranus. I love these lovely girls as they are all good-natured.

#9 Moana (Brave)

Source: jaqirabbit

Moana transforms into Sailor Neptune (the Soldier of Ocean and Intuition) here. No wonder why she got this role as she is a princess of Polynesian islands.

#10 Vanellope (Wreck-it Ralph)

Source: jaqirabbit

Vanellope is so beautiful in pink. I am sure that this Disney girl is perfect for the Sailor Chibi Moon (Small Lady). Well, if it is not her, then who?


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