8 Intriguing Facts About Walt Disney That Will Make You Admire Him Even More

Some of the most well-known figures including Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, and others are bright role models for many descendent generations. And among them, Walt Disney may be the closest man to us since we were children, and thus his career, achievements, and many of his quotes, such as "It's kind of fun to do the impossible" or "All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them" provide such a powerful source of inspiration for all in the pursuit of their dreams.
Despite the fact that this America's national culture hero passed away more than 50 years ago, his series of masterpieces continue to astound us every time we get the opportunity to immerse ourselves in them. Walt Disney also left behind a massive, all-encompassing corporation dedicated solely to producing more films, family-friendly television, and beloved characters for us to enjoy.
Below are 8 fascinating facts about an amazing person's perfect life. Let's enjoy it with us!

#1. Was it true that Walt's last written note is "rather mysterious"?

A scrap of paper with the phrase "Kurt Russell" was discovered on Disney's desk. The notes were among Disney's last written words, according to Disney historian Dave Smith. When Walt died, no one knew much about Kurt, a kid actor who worked at the company at the time, and no one knows what the note was about anymore, even Kurt Russell.

#2. Golf was not at all Walt's favorite sport.

Golf is often considered a favorite sport for wealthy people especially in the politician and entrepreneur world as through the game they can negotiate crucial deals as well. However, this sport was not really an apple in the eyes of Walt Disney. In fact, there was a time when Walk would get up at 4:30 am to "squeeze in" 9 holes before starting his day at work. After a while, he felt sick of the game so much that he quickly called it a day and shift his focus to lawn bowling which is right up his street.

#3. Walt Disney is NOT a human Popsicle, all were just rumors.

The former president of the Cryonics Society of California, Bob Nelson said "pretty big deal for cryonics, and they would have publicized the heck out of it." when talking about the rumors that Walt was the first to use the cryonic service to preserve his dead body with the hope of rebirth in the near future when science is advanced enough. Here what he wanted was to put the rumor to rest as rumor is nothing but a folk.
In fact, people could visit and show their respect to Walt Disney at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale when he was cremated and buried. Many believed that the folk may derive from one of Disney’s famed “Nine Old Men” animators Ward Kimball, who tried to get a wicked wit.

#4. Walt had a very affluent woman as his housekeeper.

Thelma Howard had been Walt's housekeeper and cook for nearly 30 years since she was employed in 1951. She soon became an integral part of the Disney family for her great care for all the members. One special thing was that she always made sure the fridge was full of hot dogs and Walt's favorite cold snack. To express his gratefulness, each Christmas, Walt gave Thelma his stock in Disney as gifts.
Time went by, when she died, Thelma had already become a multimillionaire with $4.5 million dollars. However, what made her such an incredibly inspirational woman was that she didn't spend any bucks but gave all her wealth for charity.

#5. Walt Disney was really into trains.

One of Walt's big love was trains. Thus, it's easy to understand that he had an elaborate model right in his office and was excited to show his guests the scene of the running train. But you may call his interest in train an obsession if you know that he devote his backyard to the "Carolwood Pacific Railroad."-  1/8 of the scale model!

#6. Walt felt guilty for his mother's death.

You have already known that Walt was a devoted dad, but have you heard that he was also a son with great filial piety. After becoming a successful man, he spared no expense and effort to do all the best for his parents like purchasing them an extravagant house and having his employees help them whenever needed. Unfortunately, a furnace accident causing carbon monoxide poisoning had taken his beloved mom away forever at the age of 70, his dad also suffered a serious illness. Walt felt guilty ever since as that time he sent repairmen to fix the problem but everything didn't go well. Many years after, it was still so hard for him to talk about the accident.

#7. It was "Feed the Birds" that is said to be the song that Walt Disney enjoyed the most

Out of all other iconic Disney songs,  Mary Poppins'classic song about the pigeon lady was Walt's strong suit. "He loved that song, and knew it was the heartbeat of the whole movie," said Richard Sherman- the songwriter. To listen to this song, Walt even visited Sherman Brothers studio on many Friday afternoons!

8. Disney Land-where laid Walt's secret apartment that you may not know.

Walt had an apartment inside Disneyland just right above the fire station if you want to check it out one day. However, this place is not normally open to the public but only VIP guests may have a chance to visit it. What a bummer, right? Anyway, it is notable that every corner is preserved completely the same as the time Walt and his family were still there. The most endearing was the lamp in the window which always makes guests feel like Disney is presenting in the park!
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