20 Amusing Disney Posts That Are Guaranteed To Crack You Up Right Now

After Disney+ was officially released to the public in November 2019, Disney movies have become so relevant once again! It’s no surprise that the internet has always be filled with Disney content ever since, including things related to both Disney’s original works as well as its acquired franchises like Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars... From mind-blowing facts we haven’t known yet, touching behind-the-scenes stories that melt our hearts to hilarious memes that make us burst out laughing, Disney fanatics never fail to enchant us and make us eager for more!
In this post, we would love to introduce to you 20 interesting Disney-inspired posts shared on social media lately that are guaranteed to brighten up your day and put a smile on your face, just like they did with us. Are you a hard-core Disney fan too? If yes, this fun collection is absolutely right up your street! Just scroll down and enjoy:

#1. Tom Netherlands implies the existence of Tom Belgium.

#2. She DOES have a point.

#3. Good job, Mulan!

#4. Why Pixar? Why???

#5. Lightning McQueen vs Lightning McMeth.

#6. Getting all dressed up just to stay at home all day.

#7. So funny ha ha ha...

#8. "Inside Out" left us all sobbing when Bing Bong jumps off the back of the wagon so Joy can escape.

#9. It's okay boy no need to worry, for now.

#10. Yoda the best pastor.

#11. It’s today, my dudes.

#12. Shut up and take my money.

#13. Me watching movies on Disney+.

#14. Come on, mom!

#15. That boy is a real-life hero.

#16. Caps lock, literally.

#17. Anyone else got obsessed with this movie as a kid?

#18. Coincidence?

#19. So the food is so good he eats it twice.

#20. When she snaps her fingers you will be instantly undone.

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