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20 Weirdly Funny Things People Spotted At Stores and Supermarkets

Life is full of surprises, yet sometimes the biggest ones are in unexpected places. Stores or supermarkets, for example. Those are just places where you go shopping, so what else should you expect? In fact, the stores can become a funny show where you come across the weirdest and funniest things ever.

Here we have collected some of the most hilarious moments people spotted while shopping at stores and supermarkets. These pics will remind you not to only focus on buying stuff, sometimes just look around, and you might find a lot of entertainment. Scroll down to check.

#1. Insecurity always wins

Source: Cyan-Panda

#2. Twins in pink

Source: yesthebees

#3. Her precious baby

Source: DystopianSoul

#4. Hmmm

Source: NepoEgassap

#5. 4 am in Walmart

Source: x_SomeGuy

#6. A miracle occurred at IKEA

Source: amycakes12

#7. Best friends

Source: chkenpooka

#8. Oops! At least they said sorry

Source: doctor_robocop

#9. Yeah. It’s a duck

Source: ArielChipps

#10. Tell me what is this?

Source: reddit.com

#11. She likes it that way

Source: SirJukesALot

#12. The dog is so cool

Source: ImpromtuThings

#13. Security at the supermarket

Source: gumptionrusty

#14. Love that furry friend

Source: MBA2016

#15. Wheee. So cute

Source: missdimplez

#16. Smile every single day

Source: boonanana

#17. This greeter is an artist

Source: HeyBlenderhead

#18. Baby just saw something

Source: drdiddles

#19. Maybe the cat’s praying

Source: Thegoddamnpatman

#20. Eh… Something wrong?

Source: Xander779

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