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This Couple’s Dream To Appear In Disney Movies Has Come True Thanks To A Brilliant Artist Friend

Isn’t it true that we’re all obsessed with Disney movies? How can you not love entertaining cartoons with lovely characters and thrilling adventures? One thing is certain: every Disney fan has dreamed of being in their favorite film at least once. And thanks to the support of a friend who is a digital artist, the dream of two avid Disney enthusiasts Bryan Flynn and his sweetheart Manini came true.

Bryan will undoubtedly receive the Best Boyfriend Of The Year award since he got his girlfriend Manini the most meaningful and unique gift in the world. Originally, he persuaded his great artist buddy Dylan Bonner to transform him and his girlfriend into Disney characters in order to create a memorable Valentine’s Day. Each movie and scene is hand-selected by Bryan based on his girlfriend’s personality. Even though it was hard to do, he kept this project a secret from his girlfriend. And the results? It was fantastic and surely Manini had the best Valentine’s Day ever!

Check out these amazing artworks, I’m sure you’ll love them! Don’t forget to let us know your feelings in the comment section below!

#1 Bryan and Manini in a scene from Aladdin

Source: Dylan Bonner

“Everyone thinks she looks like Jasmine, so Aladdin was kind of a given as well.” – Bryan said. And I totally agree with him, cause she looks as stunning as the real Princess Jasmine!

#2 Manini as Belle from Beauty And The Beast

Source: Dylan Bonner

“At first I was in disbelief — like, ‘Is that my face in a Disney drawing?’ — but then I was just amazed by the artistry and what a thoughtful and deeply personal gift Brian and Dylan created,” Manini said.

#3 Bryan and Manini in a scene from The Little Mermaid

Source: Dylan Bonner

How romantic is this? He is as charming as Prince Eric, and Manini is as sweet as Ariel. This is such a meaningful drawing that is worth more than thousands of expensive gifts that a woman can receive on February 14th.

#4 Manini as Ariel from The Little Mermaid

Source: Dylan Bonner

OMG! She looks so stunning as a mermaid! Who doesn’t know will think she’s Ariel’s seventh sister!

#5 Bryan and Manini in a scene from Mulan

Source: Dylan Bonner

Sharing about this drawing, Bryan said: “I chose Mulan because Mani totally embodies her determined energy”. Oh man, I can see it, she has such a strong energy that can attract everyone including me!

#6 Bryan and Manini in a scene from Rapunzel

Source: Dylan Bonner

“I chose Tangled because I share a name with Flynn, and I’m a master of his token look, ‘smolder.’” – Bryan shared. And I’m so jealous of this lucky girl cause she has found the “Flynn” that she needs! Everyone, trust me, we all need a Flynn like this in our life.

#7 Here are more lovely photos of this lovely couple!

Source: Manini Gupta