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22 Funny Pics Of Babies Who Look Older Than Their Real Age

Babies are always angels who are so cute and pure in our eyes, and all of us expect to have an adorable bae. But there is an interesting fact that not every kid was born with a charming look. Some of them make their parents and people around wonder why they look like old men, lol.

Actually, there is nothing wrong with these babies, and they are totally healthy. They just look a bit older than their real age. It’s also temporary that their appearances will change after a few months. So here we would like to share 22 funny pictures of “old babies” that will make your lips turn into a smile. No matter how wrinkly or dissatisfied they may look, they are still incredibly adorable babies. You cannot resist their cuteness, for sure.

#1. Lost my everything

Source: yoshioshilol

#2. He is like a cartoon character

Source: mariahmae

#3. Little old man

Source: awheeler92

#4. Put me back!

Source: kire615

#5. 5 weeks old and so grumpy

Source: mandacado

#6. She looks like an old aunty that always judging you

Source: Cradle2Grave

#7. That hair

Source: Diablo9489

#8. She’s sick of everything

Source: reddit.com

#9. He’s already regretting his life decisions

Source: yourmomprobably

#10. Look at his forehead wrinkles

Source: StarKing18

#11. He was very judgy

Source: Dachy03

#12. Danny Devito?

Source: pangitlee

#13. He’s two weeks old

Source: PrincessFluffyBunny

#14. Super cute

Source: traceface

#15. This baby looks like he’s ready to pour you a pint at his pub

Source: robwallace7

#16. Already been through a lot it’s made him old baby

Source: skydivingmommy

#17. What a cutie!

Source: TristanLennon

#18. Little one looks like they lived through several wars

Source: yestobrussels

#19. Feel judged

Source: epistemophilia

#20. What did you just say?

Source: Triggercut72

#21. Being born is tough work

Source: ArthurJay10

#22. 2 weeks or 50 years

Source: spumpy

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