20 Customers Who Acted Like Idiots

Only when you work in the service industry that you will know how stressful this job can be. Severs have to deal with several kinds of customers every day. Some are nice, some are rude, and some just act like total jerks. Sometimes, some people are so mean to the ones who try to bring them the best services. You cannot even believe that they can treat others in so silly ways. They can make a mess at the store and leave dirty stuff for servers to clean up, throw something to the staff, or worse. Those things all actually happened.
We have piled up some examples of customers who are just idiots, showing their bad manners at service places, and other people cannot resist shaming them online. Scroll down below to check.

#1. Ripping off the “bad” lettuce from each head

Source: heavymetal7

#2. It's just not healthy for anyone

Source: vacationbeard

#3. They test spray paint...

Source: Madsuperninja

#4. The way someone left the tip

Source: LightsSoundAction

#5. This happened after the trend of people going around stores, opening containers, and licking the top of the ice cream before putting it back

Source: HaseebM1

#6. Someone put out their cigarette in a dog dish

Source: MonsterThumb101

#7. Someone made this mess and just left the store

Source: illicitz

#8. That's beyond rude

Source: geekaz01d

#9. Bringing kid with her to a s*x shop

Source: theorangehorns

#10. A wall of notoriety at a gas station

Source: cheddarbobbin

#11. Some opened up, upside down nail polish bottles

Source: Iwantyourtacos

#12. Don't use your child as an excuse. If you can't afford diapers why are you out drinking?

Source: DoomsDaisyXO

#13. A customer tried it on their dog and put it back on the shelf

Source: NotAnotherGummyBear

#14. Pet supply store gets real

Source: s1s2g3a4

#15. Lmao

Source: Speedwizard106

#16. He's sitting on raw chicken at Walmart

Source: RemarkableRyan

#17. How people leave the aisle in forever 21

Source: eherschend

#18. The shade

Source: Southernboyj

#19. People leave the bag of frozen chicken breasts here to drip over everything below it

Source: JuliusTweezer

#20. Please stop being a thot in the gas station ice machine

Source: taltesar

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