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Amusing Pics Of Things That Look Like Other Objects

More often than not, you see a whale in clouds, a sink that looks like a guy with a running nose, a ghost in your cup of coffee, and then think that you may be dizzy. Or even crazy. No, you are not crazy. It’s a normal phenomenon called pareidolia that you see shapes, faces, and familiar things in random unrelated objects.

Here we have collected some examples of pareidolia in everyday things, and they are all amusing. Our daily objects are not always inanimate, but they are also alive as long as you look closely enough. Scroll down to check.

#1. He’s just tired

Source: MightyWizard2

#2. Angry mop

Source: andreyzudwa

#3. Oops! I’m upside down. Help!!!

Source: syuk

#4. Poor running nose

Source: nuclearruby

#5. Awww. It looks so upset

Source: El_moebes

#6. What?

Source: nsc410

#7. Chicken church

Source: lighthugger

#8. A scared ghost

Source: bartleboom

#9. Happy Twix bar

Source: Huemons

#10. A little creepy…

Source: xsited1

#11. Hello guys

Source: YhCHKN

#12. Suspicious vampire

Source: EpicRageGuy

#13. I’m a frayed knot

Source: Dark0DZ

#14. Facepalm

Source: MrSllew

#15. Attention!

Source: potatofree

#16. This bird’s beak looks like another bird

Source: WtotheSLAM

#17. Too much mascara

Source: fidlgirl

#18. Spinach dip

Source: akaZeke

#19. A tired guy

Source: Hillberry_

#20. This grumpy bag

Source: chipsicecream

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