This Adult Elephant Stops At The Middle Of The Road, Lies Down, And Takes A Good Nap

What do you often encounter during rush hours in the morning? Annoying faces of drivers while waiting for their car to move, right? But sometimes, traffic stuck brings you a surprise that is adorable enough to make your day.

It's the case of motorist Nattawat Patsungsing, a 57-year-old Thai man from Nakhon Ratchasima, northeastern Thailand. He was driving to work when seeing an adult elephant taking a nap in the middle of the highway.
The stubborn beast's nap stopped traffic for about 20 minutes. Mr. Patsungsing had to stop and be silent to avoid annoying the elephant.

The man also took out his camera and captured that incredible moment. When he zoomed in, the elephant can be seen moving its legs and flapping its ears. The giant kept sleeping soundly without noticing that he held up traffic.
When the cheeky elephant regained the energy with its nap, it kicked up its legs and stood up. It even stared at the man until slowly turned away.

Mr. Patsungsing was late for work but he was excited to see the stubborn elephant. It spiced up his morning!
As it turns out, the elephant lives in the nearby wildlife sanctuary. Its named is Nga-Thong – which means ‘golden ivory’ in Thai. He often lies on the concrete road for warmth.
H/T: Dailybbnews
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