Bright Azure Blue, Sulphur Yellow And White Plumage, This Blue Tit Is A Stunning Featherly Flying Ball Of Nature

Have you ever seen a tiny chubby bird that makes you think of a flying ball? The Eurasian blue tit is one of these spectacular birds. Weighing only 10-12 grams and 10.5 -12cm in length, but this blue tit shines brightly with its distinctive plumage.

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This species has an azure blue cap, a white face with a dark line through the eyes, and sulphur yellow underparts. The wings are covered in azure while the back is olive green. This colorful mix makes this tit the most attractive visitors to your gardens.

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Noticeably, these tiny blue birds are famous for their acrobatic skills. When foraging, they can cling to the outermost branches and hang upside down. What an interesting contrast with their shape!

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The Eurasian blue tit is a small passerine bird in the tit family. They're commonly found in subarctic Europe and the Western Palearctic in deciduous or mixed woodlands with a high proportion of oak.

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These birds are usually resident and non-migratory and prefer nesting in tree holes. However, they can easily adapt to nest boxes where necessary.

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During the breeding season, female birds build their nests in any suitable hole in a tree, wall, or stump, or artificial nest box. This nest is made from wool, moss, hair, and feathers and they return to the same hole year after year.

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Regarding the diets, these blue tits feed mainly on insects and spiders. But they also eat seeds and other vegetable-based foods during the breeding season when the food is scarce.

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