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High School Allows Seniors To Dress Up In Costumes They Like For Their Student ID Photos, And The Results Are Absolutely Amazing

Generally, taking photos for identification cards, passports, or all of the documents that we need to keep the serious expression is just boring. Our document photos somehow always end up being so terrible, even when we try to prepare ourselves as well as possible to get the best pic.

One high school is well aware of that, so they come up with a creative idea to make student ID photos much more amusing. They have allowed senior students to dress up in various customs they like and then take the ID photo shoot. It has become a trend since the students have chosen to cosplay numerous famous characters, and they nailed it.

Scroll down the list below to see these students’ unlimited creativity and humor.


Source: Tere3n


Source: Itsemmabelanger


Source: FrancisDally123


Source: LabadieFelicity


Source: LatimerZach


Source: westsidedlo


Source: MarcoAyhllon


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Source: BBourgoise


Source: glasser_dan


Source: natalia_camc


Source: DillonSaleh


Source: NemoWeemo


Source: JoshTheBloshh


Source: myleslmao


Source: TrillCammyyy


Source: aminaatiff


Source: Jordanmarie_123


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