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Magical Disney Tattoo Ideas That Will Inspire You To Get Inked

The wonderful world of Disney and its fascinating stories have long been an endless source of inspiration and motivation that help us believe in people’s kindness and the magic of life. They aren’t just merely movies, they are mentally a part of us, and no one could blame us for wanting to make it a real part of our bodies by getting a Disney-themed tattoo. From the friendly, smart, brave characters we all know and love to the meaningful lyrics that always enchant viewers, there are tons of clever ideas you can try to keep your childhood memories alive forever.

It’s never easy to decide what to ink on your skin since tattoos are something permanent and they will stick with your for the rest of your life, but checking out some impressive works of others on the Internet will help. So, Disneyphiles, if you are thinking about making yourself a little bit more colorful and fanciful with your favorite Disney moments, here are 20 insanely cool ideas that will totally blow your mind.

#1. An impressively realistic Snow White

Source: vivianacalvotattoo

#2. Go for what you want!

Source: baltapaprocki

#3. Up – Stitch – Pua

Source: karen_techi

#4. The Fates with only one eye

Source: fluidtattoomachine

#5. The heroine

Source: ladyiristattoo

#6. A moment to remember

Source: dancink_needles

#7. Incredible black and grey Maleficent portrait

Source: art_junkies_tattoo

#8. To infinity and beyond!

Source: amayakotattoo

#9. Mufasa and Simba

Source: disneytatts

#10. Ariel, Sebastian and Flounder

Source: infiniteworldstattoo

#11. Stitch, as charming as ever!

Source: vezetattoo

#12. Sometimes it’s about the villains, too.

Source: tyttoos

#13. Ins’t that cute?

Source: thelexfiles_tattoos

#14. Cinderella Castle

Source: no_tilusse_tattoo

#15. Stained glass Ursula

Source: cathysuearts

#16. Saying straight fire would be an understatement.

Source: beerye_tattoos

#17. Alice in Wonderland

Source: aurelrondl

#18. Watercolour Disney key

Source: georgie_carville_tattoo

#19. “We are all mad here.”

Source: tattoosbytrigger

#20. It took them two years to complete this masterpiece.

Source: floietattoos

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