20 Twisted Disney Comics That Will Change Your Childhood Memories Forever

Fairy tales were awesome when we were kids, but once we grow a little bit older and become a little bit less innocent, we will realize that there’s no such thing as “a perfect life” or “happily ever after”. We are not saying that Disney’s fairy stories are all lies – we absolutely love these fantastic works too! But to tell the truth, the real world is way tougher and less sweet compared to what we often see in those movies.
In this post, we have piled up 20 hilarious Disney-themed comics that will give you a closer look at how our beloved Disney princesses’ life could probably be like if people were more honest about them, and they are guaranteed to change your childhood memories forever. Don’t take it too seriously, though. Just scroll down and have a good laugh!

#1. At least now we know why all the innocent staff was cursed too.

Source: JHallComics

#2. When you are too vague...

Source: Electric Bunny Comics

#3. Poor Snow White.

Source: accordingtodevin

#4. Why Elsa, why?!!

Source: tomperwomper

#5. At least she's honest.

Source: Adam Ellis

#6. On the deep web, you can do anything.

Source: electricbunnycomics

#7. It kind of makes sense as she's Snow White so she's supposed to be... you know, generous.

Source: Ben Zaehringe

#8. Triggered.

Source: muppidupp

#9. Just fire him.

Source: Amy Kim

#10. If the shoes fit perfectly, how did one of them fall off?

Source: Ben Zaehringe

#11. The real magic.

Source: Jeremy Kaye

#12. Would love to meet that guy!

Source: Adam Ellis

#13. We learned our lesson from Fullmetal Alchemist.

Source: smbc

#14. Mamma knows best.

Source: Amy Kim

#15. Great trickery!

Source: John McNamee

#16. Oops!

Source: Ben Zaehringe

#17. And they are just the perfect height too.

Source: accordingtodevin

#18. Hi Suzy!

Source: John McNamee

#19. Let her sleep, Prince.

Source: Chris Allison

#20. Work from home.

Source: Adam Ellis

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